Full Moon May 16, 2022: Tensions and Disputes for These Three Signs

The sun is rising earlier and earlier and the evenings are getting longer for our greatest pleasure. But it is not because the Sun is in the spotlight in this month of May that we must leave aside the Moon. Indeed, in astrology the latter always has an influence on our mood and our personality. Especially in times of Full moon !

The Flowering Full Moon of May 16, 2022

What is the impact of a Full Moon? We must already take into account the fact that this is an astronomical phenomenon: the Sun and the Moon are face to face. As a result, the Sun fully illuminates the Moon, which appears full and bright in the sky. In astrology it is considered that the Full Moon is a moment when the latter has a particularly strong radiation. His influence would be very important at that time. This is a climax during the month: an important time when we are asked to act and make decisions.

We call the Full Moon of May “Blooming Full Moon“. The reason is quite simple: it takes place at a time of year when nature is in bloom.

In which sign is the Full Moon of May 16, 2022?

The Moon’s influence depends on where it is in the sky. Depending on the sign in which it is found, it can be lived well, or badly, by the Zodiac signs. Its power can be reduced or, on the contrary, increased tenfold.

On May 16, 2022 the Moon is in the scorpio sign. A Moon in Scorpio gives us charisma and magnetism. It’s time to be cool and impose ourselves. We also show great receptivity and understanding of things: our intuition is increased tenfold. It’s a good time to get to the bottom of things and dig up secrets. However, be careful not to be too rigid.

The lucky zodiac signs with the Full Moon in Scorpio

If this Full Moon is well lived, it can bring a beautiful energy to these three signs of the Zodiac:

  • A rich inner life for Cancer : The imagination and creativity of this sign are increased tenfold. the cancer sign enjoys his home and his circle of relatives. It’s a good time to treat yourself to a big spring cleaning, revise your decor or simply take the time to rest. Above all, out of the question of feeling guilty. Being a homebody can also have advantages!

  • The creativity of Pisces : This astrological sign is known for its intuition and imagination. With this Full Moon, its capacities are increased tenfold. It’s time to dive into your own emotions to indulge in artistic impulses. Why not the music? After all, Pisces often have a gift!
  • Capricorn energy : As we know, Capricorn is hardworking and ambitious. With this Full Moon, he could roll up his sleeves all the more. This is an opportunity to take on a new challenge or to bang your fist on the table to get what he wants. The field of career, in particular, is highlighted by this Full Moon.

The unlucky zodiac signs with the Full Moon in Scorpio

Beware of three astrological signs that could experience this Full Moon badly:

  • The restlessness of Scorpio : This astrological sign could be tense, even stressed. His mental load tends to drown him under a thick layer of responsibilities and anxieties. We blow! It’s just a short period of tension that should dissipate in the coming days.

  • Taurus Spending : As we know, the sign of Taurus can tend to go on shopping sprees, especially when they need comfort. Results ? Unconsidered or regretted expenses. So a little tip: allow yourself a period of three days before falling for this pretty bag. If he still interests him after this period, he can then crack without hesitation.
  • Quarrels of Aquarius : Bloodshed, nervousness and annoyance can be present for Scorpio. He could well be impatient and have his tongue a little too loose. Result: tensions can be created in his entourage. So be careful not to make your friends pay the price of this Full Moon…

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Full Moon May 16, 2022: Tensions and Disputes for These Three Signs

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