Full Moon June 2022: the stars have a message for each of the zodiac signs

The super full moon of Tuesday, June 14, 2022 arrives to help you reconnect with your deepest desires and your faith in yourself. It’s a time to meditate and make rwell-being routines. This Full Strawberry Moon will take place with 4 of the 7 most important planets for our consciousness in their dominant sign: Saturn in residence in Aquarius, Mars in Aries, Venus in Taurus and Mercury in Gemini.

This is rather positive, because when the planets are at home their effects are rather positive for the human being and their energy in accordance with what they promise.

Horoscope: what is the message from the stars for each astro sign on this Full Moon in Sagittarius?

This lunation has a meaning for each particular sign. The sign of Sagittarius has a need to deepen and learn to renew its faith. Find out which area of ​​your life the Moon asks you to work on to improve it and make it more fruitful.


The Full Moon requires you to synthesize all the qualities that you have managed to develop in recent times. The star of the feminine will help you express your truth if you take the trouble to fully understand what your deepest desire is.


Your resources and finances will need to pass scrutiny on your part. Ask yourself what is your relationship with money, and how you generate it. What possibilities exist for you in this regard? It’s time to work on this area of ​​your life!


Now is the time to review how you connect with others. Are your relationships as good with those around you as the one you have with yourself? What do others bring you and what do you give them in return?


Your sixth house is highlighted by this Full Moon. Now is the time for you to check your lifestyle. The routines that structure it and your health are at the center of the adjustments to be made for this lunation. Ask yourself how you look after your well-being on a daily basis and what can you do to create healthier habits for your body and mind.


The Full Moon in Sagittarius asks you to understand what aspects of your life help you express yourself creatively and independently. Ask yourself how to be in touch with your creative force. Investigate how creating can set you free.


This Full Moon puts you face to face with how you manage your family life and home. Ask yourself how you can improve relationships with your loved ones. What does the support they give you mean? And the one you give them in return? Working on your vision of the family bond to improve it and make it stronger and more harmonious will be essential.


This Full Moon directs all of your attention to your birth chart area of ​​thought. Ask yourself how your thinking moves you forward. Does it limit you? Are your thoughts kind to yourself? The world in front of you is created by your thoughts. Knowing how to manage them and grant them to your desires is very important! Take the opportunity to take stock.


Your material resources are related to the time spent to obtain them. It is time for you to take stock of this subject. Do you know how to manage your time to prioritize your needs or are you stuck on rigid and time-consuming objectives? How can you enjoy your time more serenely and have better productivity?


This Full Moon is taking place in your sign, and that is why you will be very strongly impacted by its effects. The Moon’s message is not to compromise on your true motivations in life. Listen to your true desires and change anything that is out of alignment with your inner truth. It is important to consciously manifest all that you want in order to live in peace with yourself.


Your house of the unconscious will be very affected by this Full Moon. It will be a moment of forced introspection. If you don’t indulge in internalizing, you may miss a great opportunity to take stock with yourself. Ask yourself how much you listen to your inner voice and how can you bring your unconscious desires into a conscious plane.


This lunation directs your attention to your friendships. Are you surrounded by people who value your friendship? How do you show others that your friendship is important to you? Work on this aspect of your life to harmonize your relationships.


Your house of work and career is impacted by this Full Moon. Be sure to think about how your work satisfies your deepest needs and desires. Ask yourself how you can act on this so that your work aligns with your outlook on life and your principles.

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Full Moon June 2022: the stars have a message for each of the zodiac signs

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