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Published on December 30, 2022 at 11:11 am

Saturday, January 7, 2023 will be the first Full Moon of the year. We tell you everything there is to know about the atmosphere of this lunation. Spoiler: grab some tissues.

“Full Moon in Cancer ? It will cry in the cottages! the astrologers are probably already exclaiming, in chorus. Yes, it may be that of all the Full Moons taking place in a year, the one taking place in the constellation of the Crab is a little more restless than the others. You haven’t had time to consult your horoscope for the year 2023 ? Never mind, we depict the astrological atmosphere of this very first Full Moon of the year.

Full Moon in Cancer: what does that mean?

We can already see the coming Capricorn and Taurus with their big hooves: no, scientifically, this Full Moon is not going to shake you up any more than another. Astrologically, its interpretation is quite different. A Full Moon traditionally symbolizes the bringing to light (that of the Sun) of what is hidden (the Moon). Clearly, this lunar phase is interpreted as a time when one easily expresses one’s emotions. And emotions are precisely the hobbies of the astral crab. The Water sign that is Cancer is precisely the astrological sign linked to the Moon! “Double punishment”, will say the gossips having trouble showing their feelings: either the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and the Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).

But since each Full Moon in Cancer occurs under a different astral configuration, this one is obviously not like that of last year, or even the year before. The novelty ? It forms an advantageous angle with Jupiter in Aries. Translation: triple ration of emotions… But not only. The Moon and the sign of Cancer also symbolize, in astrology at least, creativity, imagination and the moments spent in one’s favorite cocoon. All surrounded by his favorite people, blood or heart. In short, whether you have planned a salt dough day with your children, a raclette with your best friends or a small solo existential crisis with the cat: you are in the theme.

Full Moon in Cancer 2023: what effects on my sign?

The Zodiac Signs That Will Love This Full Moon In Cancer

Like every Full Moon, this one does not have the same symbolic effects on all the astrological signs. And the little darlings of this Full Moon in Cancer are… Cancers, unsurprisingly. They are in their place: the intimate sphere, interiority and their comforting little world. But the other two Water signs, the Pisces and the Scorpios are also celebrating. They are literally, like fish in water, and find a thousand creative outlets for their bursts of blues or outbursts of joy. Although, for the Scorpioit consists of photo montages of their exes on a Mordor setting.

Aquarius may complain that they will not be caught in the act of being emotional, Saturn in their sector is in agreement with this Full Moon. They will open up more easily, let their hearts speak, and even resolve some disputes left unseen for a long time. Aries would not normally have appreciated this cosmic configuration, but this year, Jupiter allows them to take full advantage of the reassuring atmosphere of the Full Moon in Cancer. They dare to be vulnerable and even learn to cuddle without it turning into a fight. A good point for Ram. Finally, Leo and Sagittarius are not particularly affected by this Full Moon. But let them wait for next month and its Full Moon in Leo which will affect them hard!

Zodiac signs that will be stirred by this Full Moon in Cancer

While the Sun is in Capricorn, on the other side of the zodiac, the Fishtail Goat might struggle a bit with the outpourings and excesses of the Full Moon on Saturday, January 7. It must be said that the sign opposed to Cancer finds it difficult to let go and does not allow itself to lift the mask on what it feels. All the more reason to try! Especially since they are not alone, since the cerebral Virgin and Gemini are in the same situation. And doubly, since their planet, Mercury, is also on the opposite side of the Moon, this Saturday. Some turmoil is to be expected, astrologically speaking, at least. But nothing insurmountable for these resourceful signs.

Finally, Libra is definitely one of the most challenged by this Full Moon. Why ? The tense angle it forms with the Moon in Cancer is the same as that to which Aries will be entitled. The difference is that sweet Libra doesn’t benefit from Jupiter’s boost. This great socialite and eternal intellectual is less inclined to listen to her instincts and her emotions than the introverted and dreamy Cancer. Never mind, Libra can count on their sense of adaptation and their close-knit circle of friends! Creative workshops, galette des rois with friends, everything is good to cheer him up. However, he is advised not to drown his excessive emotions in compulsive purchases of clothes.

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Full Moon in Cancer on January 7, 2023: what impact on your astrological sign? – She

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