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The zodiac is a big playground. We find all the personalities there, each one having its qualities and its defects. There are the sociable signs, the extroverts, the introverts, the manipulators, the unfaithful and the devoted. A bit like in love, we quickly detect which astrological signs we cannot trust and those to whom we would give the good Lord without confession. A simple story of friendly compatibility it seems. At least that is the theory established by astrology. The concept is simple: depending on your date of birth and therefore your sun sign, your affinities may vary. There are then signs that get along better that others. In the second case, there is a good chance that your encounter will end in an astral clash. The current does not flow, the voltage rises. To avoid headaches, it is better to know what to expect. Small summary of the worst friendly compatibilities according to the stars.

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What is Aries’ worst enemy?

Aries is dynamic. Her mojo: being all fired up. He creates surprise, has fun testing his limits, constantly wants something new. In short, it hardly stays in place. A complicated thing to understand for the Pisces who lives for peace and quiet. The two signs therefore find it difficult to understand each other. They exhaust each other. Aries because of its boundless energy. Pisces by his constant silence. Too mysterious, not frank enough. Aries will be tired of trying to figure this character out.

Which sign is incompatible with Taurus?

Taurus is a bon vivant. He appreciates the moments spent chatting with his loved ones over a good meal. Gluttony is his favorite sin. For him, life is all about simple pleasures. He needs to be reassured by the ease of a smooth routine. Don’t try to upset his plans or force him to abandon his habits, at the risk of quickly remembering that Taurus is a horned beast capable of doing damage. Inevitably, it clashes with Aquarius. This sign, known for always questioning everything, has a hard time understanding how Taurus can take pleasure in their daily lives. Conversely, Taurus will quickly feel overwhelmed by the I don’t care side of Aquarius. He who embodies the way of wisdom and stability does not conceive that one can take everything in such a detached and light way. Between the two: the happy medium is difficult to find.

Which sign is the least compatible with Gemini?

Gemini is often considered the big child of the zodiac. For good reason, it symbolizes the lightness of spring, openness to the world, laughter, the first cries. Driven by his fetish planet, Mercury, he benefits from great power as a speaker. This is a person for whom jokes and nice words are as important as a bill to settle at a Capricorn. The latter, known for his uprightness, his seriousness and his pragmatism, is the first to subscribe to the “haters’ club” of Gemini. For good reason, Capricorn often has trouble understanding the carelessness of Gemini. This irritates and exhausts him. Gemini, on the other hand, could quickly feel blocked and infantilized by Capricorn. In short, the two are complete opposites.

What is Cancer’s worst enemy?

Cancer is often referred to as “the mother of the zodiac”. Caring, passionate, sensitive, this astrological sign is ready to give everything to those he loves. In return, he will need to feel loved, supported and supported. If many characters of the zodiac are able to return his friendship a hundredfold (hello Taurus and Pisces!), Sagittarius takes the opposite view. This Fire sign has such a need for freedom that it quickly risks feeling suffocated by Cancer’s intense need for connection. Yes, even in friendship, Cancer is a bit intense. Better then to avoid such a duo.

Which sign is incompatible with Leo?

Ego war and difficult questioning. Leo is a character with a strong character. If he is known to be one of the most warm and generous signs of the zodiac, he also has such a need to shine that it can generate some discord with the rest of the signs. This is the case for example with Taurus. The two characters could find it difficult to agree so much they want to be right. We therefore imagine them more to take the head than to take each other in the arms. Here is a cosmic match that we do not recommend.

Friendly compatibility: here is the sign to avoid for Virgo

In friendship, Virgo is helpful and attentive. As a good student, she knows how to find the right words to reassure, but can also be demanding with those around her. Beware of those who do not respect the rules. Virgo is one of those people who need order and security. Inevitably, Sagittarius, who is more the type to defy codes and push the limits of the possible, is not always viewed favorably by Virgo. He finds it hard to conceive how Virgo can be so anxious and serious. He would like her to learn to let go, but he will crack after three failed attempts. She does not understand this constant need to do nothing like the others. In short, we are hardly on the same wavelength.

Which sign is the least compatible with Libra?

As a great peacemaker, Libra generally manages to adapt to all characters. But, she adds an unparalleled condition to the equation: it is imperative that she can succeed in speaking, exchanging, debating with the other if she wants to build a friendship with someone. Lack of luck, Pisces prefers gestures to words. Apart from things left unsaid and questions left in suspense, it is difficult to see what can come out of such a combination. The stars advise against it and so do we.

Who is Scorpio’s worst enemy?

Scorpio is one of those signs that gets bad press. We think he is manipulative, spicy, often too mysterious. It is rather that it is misunderstood, we grant you that. Because, in friendship, Scorpio has many qualities. He is loyal and passionate like a Cancer. Only, with characters like Gemini it gets stuck. For good reason, the two have an opposite vision of life. Gemini is a prankster optimist who always sees the positive. Scorpio is more of the taciturn and nostalgic type. It’s the eternal glass half full or half empty debate. The two enemies will find it difficult to compromise.

Which sign is the least compatible with Sagittarius?

Sagittarius is one of the most optimistic signs of the zodiac. Solar, curious and always in a good mood. He takes a very dim view of the lack of open-mindedness and the fact of remaining stuck in one’s positions. He who needs freedom and novelty so much could then feel frustrated by the doings and gestures of the Virgin whom he considers too narrow and reserved. Conversely, with a Sagittarius, Virgo could have a hard time letting go of their codes and rules. In short, between the two, the current has trouble passing.

Friendly compatibility: here is the sign to avoid for Capricorn

Capricorn has a hard-to-break-through character. On a daily basis, he turns to people who share the same values ​​as him: stability, equality, work. He is the king of budgets, Excel spreadsheets and paperwork that will allow him to save for his retirement. He plays by the established rules without ever questioning them. Bad luck, the reformer of the zodiac often comes to get on his nerves. Aquarius is the type to liven up the debate, even when it is simply a question of whether it is better to say pain au chocolat or chocolatine. Knowing that each will have a different answer, it is difficult to see how bonds of friendship can be woven between these two.

Which sign is incompatible with Aquarius?

Take a hint of freedom, a pinch of joy. Add in sharing, debate, and questioning, and you’ve got a succinct Aquarius profile. This Air sign, which is difficult to hold in place, has a need for originality such that it is often found on the margins of society. Some will say it’s because he’s ahead of the trends, others will say it’s just exhausting to always chase after him. In the list of his proven detractors: Virgo and Cancer, whom he considers too sensitive, too intense, too everything. He could quickly feel stuck with such people and feel like too much is being asked of him. On the side of his sworn enemies, it is his lack of seriousness and responsibility that will be underlined. To be avoided for more tranquility!

What is Pisces’ worst enemy?

Pisces is gentle, loving, and quiet. He believes in universal peace, in spiritual elevation and prefers gestures to words. He believes what he sees and not what he hears. Hypersensitive and connected to what we call the big whole, Pisces often seems to be elsewhere, as if locked up in their little bubble. Capricorn, with their feet firmly planted on the ground, finds it difficult to grasp this nuance. The two are simply not in the same dimension. Faced with such a combination, we bet that Pisces will feel under pressure and that Capricorn will force themselves to listen to the setbacks of the finned sign like a babysitter facing a 2-year-old child. They don’t speak the same language. Do we need to say more to make you understand that the match is not ideal?

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Friendly compatibility: what are the signs that don’t get along? – She

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