Find the right method for doing spring cleaning according to

The astrological signs would have an influence on the way we clean our house! Here’s how to do spring cleaning according to the stars!

The stars would have an influence on our personality, and on our way of apprehending things. Our horoscopes are often about love or work, but did you know that the influence of our sign astrological can extend to oure way to do housework? Quickly find out how spring cleaning according to your sun sign!

Spring cleaning: how to do it according to your astrological sign?

Spring is the best time to do a major cleaning and clean your home from top to bottom. But we don’t all have the same way of doing it! You are one of the earth signs: Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn ? You are more likely to be methodical and organized compared to others sun signs ! If you were born under the sign of Libra, Aquarius or Geminiyou need to be mentally stimulated every second, do it household calling a friend or listening to a podcast to keep you busy! When it comes to fire signs, your characters flamboyants give you boundless energy: you are able to clean house in no time ! Water signs, meanwhile, should make this spring cleaning an opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Opt for the method mari kondo to get rid of items you no longer need!

Spring cleaning: how to clean effectively?

Do it big Spring cleaning efficiently, piece by piece. This will allow you to do not scatter yourselves and not miss steps. For example :

  • In the room : first of all, it is important to open the windows to ventilate when you dust or pass the vacuum cleaner. Don’t forget the underside of the bed and change the sheets. Also note that carpets and curtains catch dust easily: shake them outside.
  • In the kitchen : spring cleaning is the perfect time to clean the appliances appliances ! Then, clean the worktop, the hood and the credenza. This big cleaning can be the right opportunity to wash our cupboards and drawers!
  • In the bathroom : disinfect the toilet and clean it bathtub. Also polish the Windows and the mirror above sink with a microfiber cloth.
  • Spring cleaning is the perfect time to put away what we rarely do: the garageor the attic. It’s also a good way to sort through your belongings!


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