Find out which lucky plant is made for you according

Astrological signs and plants have things in common! Find out which is your lucky plant according to your zodiac sign.

Astrology has experienced a real craze in recent years. Why not adopt a plant that matches the personality of your zodiac sign ? Find out which plant species will bring you happiness!

Which Houseplant Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Merge your passion for plants with theastrology ! Plants have such specific needs that they correspond to personality traits of certain sun signs. Taking care of a houseplant that looks like you will help you get to know yourself better on a daily basis. Capricorns, for example, will enjoy painstakingly trimming the branches of their bonsai and watching it grow slowly. As for Cancers, the smell of jasmine will awaken their buried memories.. The lavender will go wonderfully with the dreamy personality of Pisces. Libras, will only have eyes for a beautiful orchid. Sagittarians, the real adventurers of the zodiac, will appreciate tillandsia for its autonomous side. Pick a species that matches your routine and personality!

How to take care of indoor plants that bring financial luck?

Devil’s ivy, Chinese money plant, basil sacred, money tree... there are many myths that these plants bring money luck. For the most superstitious among us, the goal will be to keep this plant healthy for as long as possible! Sander’s dragon tree, is a bamboo is very popular. It grows easily, even in a bathroom. In some customs, the jasmine is a symbol of prosperity and love. Be careful, he won’t like to be taken around: don’t change his place too often.


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