Discover the least cuddly astrological signs…

Which zodiac signs are the most cuddly? Find out all in this article!

If some Zodiac signs are very fond of hugs, others may find it difficult to express gestures of tenderness…

  • Ram : vse fire sign doesn’t spend all his time getting angry contrary to popular belief, he would be a pro at cuddles ! No need to ask him, he will know how to satisfy you perfectly!
  • Bull :tvery focused on cuddles, this native appreciates both giving and receiving. When they are in love, they don’t count signs of affection and express their love directly.
  • Cancer : vshe native of the zodiac, is a very sensitive water sign, which is why marks of affection such as cuddles are very important to him, they allow him to feel reassured and loved.
  • Pisces : Iz sign of the zodiac who needs the most cuddles ! He very often needs affection and he loves it when you are demonstrative by cuddling him for example. If he is not provided with his daily dose of cuddles, it can easily frustrate him.
  • Lion :pour this signthings are quite special since the cuddles are part of his game of seduction, it is through gestures and touch that he learns to better tame the other.
  • Capricorn : vsThis sign appreciates giving hugs more than receiving them, very affectionate, he should not feel forced if he wants to fully let himself go in the arms of the other.

Here is the list of signs the lessers cuddles from zodiac :

  • Balance : vse air sign privileged the quality rather than the quantity of cuddles what he can offer. He goes at his own pace without ever rushing.
  • Gemini : the romanticism of this sign does not allow him to be very demonstrative, since he prefers to show his love through love letters. He will therefore have no difficulty in receiving cuddlesbut don’t count on him to do so.
  • Aquarius : very independent, this sign shows his affection as he wishes and has the principle that nothing obliges him to give you a Huggood luck !
  • Sagittarius : this sign aspires above all to its freedom, even more when it is in couple. He will therefore not fail to remind you that he does not belong to anyone, and that hugs can disgust him.
  • Virgin : vse earth sign does not like to express signs of tenderness in public and even less when he is in private. With this native, you will have to be patient and go at his own pace so that he can hug you.

Now that you know which sign will take you in his arms, it is important to specify that receiving and hugging would be excellent for morale, health, but also the reduction of daily stress.

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Discover the least cuddly astrological signs…

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