Deco according to the astrological sign: discover and adopt the best style according to your character!

Discover the perfect (for you) decoration according to the astrological sign! Astrology is a pseudoscience that many people believe in. Its first traces date back to ancient Mesopotamia, in 1390 BC. This belief spread to India and really became what it is today in ancient Greece. The explanation that stars and planets have an effect on us is quite believable. Every action is a reaction to something. Sometimes we have a logical explanation, other times we think it’s divine intervention.

If our ancestors believed this and explained what was going on in and around them by reading the stars… And we still do today… Why not care? Are you curious about the signs of the zodiac? Want to know more, even if you’re skeptical? Well, now we’re not going to try to convince you to believe in astrology. On the other hand, we will try to convince you to redecorate! But how are the two related? Well, let’s find out!

Decoration according to the astrological sign

deco according to astrological sign

Having a personal belief system is a good way of life. It’s organized, it makes sense and, above all, it makes you happy. Having a shared belief system is even better because you can experience the same phenomena as others and indulge in mutual admiration. Millions of people around the world believe in and practice astrology. Even if you think it’s bullshit, you can’t deny its influence on our daily lives. For example, people buy plants based on astrology to bring about positive changes in their lives. Others make lunar rituals and reap the benefits… So why not dress or decorate accordingly? If you are curious to find out how your zodiac correlates with the interior decoration from your home to bring you peace, follow us!

Decoration according to the astrological sign: Aries: minimalism

interior design minimalism

Usually, Aries is known for their independence and order in life. Its innovative spirit and its fixed objectives reflect those of the minimalists. To have a clear mind, you need a clear space. No excessive objects that overload. Everything must be calm. In order. Just like you…

Taurus: retro futuristic

decoration trend 2022 2023

Taurus are known to be traditionalists. They stick with what’s old and familiar, because that’s how they like it. However, they are quite open to change. This is why the retro decor futuristic reflects your eccentric soul. You are a lover of beauty, sensuality and style.

Gemini: maximalism

living room decor trends 2022

The erratic nature of Gemini is caused by their duality. Dynamic, full of energy and eager for adventure, the maximalist lifestyle reflects your great personality! You like to have artistic chaos around you. Plus, you love staying home as much as you love going out and partying. So your interior design should be fun enough to live in!

Cancer: hardy

neo rustic style interior living room 2022

The characteristics of Cancer are simple and affectionate. You adore safety and prudence, you think about every move before you act. Like Taurus, you want to invite tranquility into your home. So your traditional, homebody nature demands a design country chic or rustic!

lion: art deco

deco and astro sign

Leo’s creative nature is admirable. Their constant search for beauty is an endless quest that results in impeccable style. Like the esthete, you have an affinity for vintage styles as in Gatsby the magnificent ! For you, style Art Deco is perfect !

Virgo: hygge

danish hygge trend

We’ve talked about hygge style at length here at DeaVita. The maternal and protective nature of the Virgin calls this cocooning interior design. Hygge is expressed through pure colors and cozy blankets and books. This style reflects your personality very well!

Libra: Modern

interior design zodiac sign

Because Libra’s personality is so big, she doesn’t need crazy designs to feel at home. They can fit anywhere and feel right at home in the simplest or the fanciest of places. For you, the modern design will suit perfectly.

Scorpio: biophilic design

astrology decor

Scorpio is one of the most controversial signs of the zodiac. Its resilient nature makes them stronger than anything else, just like plants. Have you seen those plants growing in the middle of a concrete fold? It’s you and your strong nature. the plant design is made for you.

Sagittarius: modern chic

chic modern living room 2022

Sagittarius can’t always commit, but they do their best to fit in. Its beautiful nature implies a thirst for success and the achievement of your goals. The vintage chic symbolizes your old soul and the modern part – your quest for integration.

Capricorn: 70s

70s living room decor

Capricorn also loves traditions, but they strive to introduce positive changes in their life. The 1970s were a great decade for building businesses and launching new projects, whatever they were. Bring this positive energy into your home and see the changes.

Aquarius: bohemian

bohemian style decoration

Aquarius is the philosopher, the one who has always buried himself in tons of books, always thirsty to learn. He lives like a bohemian and cares little about what other people have to say. However, they are very stubborn when it comes to change. They like things to be: in their perfect chaotic order.

Decoration according to the astrological sign: pisces: art nouveau

art nouveau interior design

Last but not least, the Pisces is an idealist, very intuitive and very emotional. His pure nature calls for a pure surrounding with good, honest people who reflect him. The Art Nouveau style is chic and sweet, just like Pisces. By “soft”, we mean the geometric shapes and the refined style.

Photo gallery: decoration according to the astrological sign

vegetal deco living room 2022


Which decoration according to the astrological sign?

interior design trends 2022

Which decoration according to the astrological sign?

industrial style deco

Hygge is a feeling more than a design.

interior design hygge 2022

The retrofuturist is fashionable, inspired by Star Wars and dune

astrological sign deco style

Taurus thrive in this mood.

astrological deco trend

Art Nouveau is for people with impeccable taste!

star sign wall decor

Incorporate navy blue into your life because it brings good luck.

decorative color trend 2022

Plants are also an ideal addition to any interior design.

astrological sign decoration

Decoration according to the astrological sign: have we guessed everything correctly?

deco according to the astrological sign

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astro sign decoration

No need for a horoscope. DeaVita says you’re going to have a fantastic day!

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Deco according to the astrological sign: discover and adopt the best style according to your character!

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