Create and decipher your baby’s birth chart!

What is the astral chart?

The birth chart is a kind of photograph of the zodiac at the time and place of our birth. Thanks to the position of the planets in the different houses, it is thus possible to know a lot about the potential and the personality of a person. You, or your child for example.

To begin with, what does an astral chart look like? If the illustration and the borrowed colors can vary from one astrologer to another, here is an idea of ​​the result:

This birth chart image will help you imagine what we are going to develop here. Thus, to calculate its birth chart and arrive at this cartography, you need day, month and year of birth. But that’s not all: you also need the time of birth (within 10 minutes, because the chart of the sky could have changed in this time). Each sign has 3 decans, which each correspond to 10 degrees so within 10 minutes we can go to the decan or see the next sign. Finally, it takes into account the city of birth.

If astrologers are able to map your chart with these elements, there are now sites that allow you to establish it in a few clicks, such as astrotheme.

What elements are found in an astral chart?

The chart of the sky, which you see represented in the form of a circle, is thus divided into 12 Houses, 12 signs, overhung by 10 planets, outside the dial. Added to this are two axes, which act as a compass (represented here by the imaginary line between the two small black triangles): an Ascending-Descending horizontal axis and a vertical Bottom of the Sky / Middle of the Sky. Here are the six main points:

On the chart of the birth chart, it is represented by the sun, a big circle with a circle. This symbol gives the astrological sign that we generally know: Taurus, Virgo, Libra… In fact, this means that the sun, at the time of birth, was in this sign. Western astrology is thus based monthly on the sun (unlike Chinese astrology which is based on the cycles of the moon).

Depending on where the moon is in the astral chart, it is possible to identify a person’s sensitivity, to have information about his creativity, how his intuition is expressed, if the person is rather dreamy or with his feet on earth, for example. She is represented by a crescent moon.

Often represented by a red arrow, the ascendant refers to the way of being perceived by people. The ascendant also represents hidden energy, that to be exploited and some astrologers believe that the ascendant reveals the true face of a person.

We can find in the descendant the relationship to the other, his way of conceiving his social life, but also the sentimental search, what the person expects from the couple.

It is between the descending and the ascending. It represents the career, how the person fits into a group, class or company. It also allows astrologers to see what the ambition of the person is, how they can succeed or what the potential failures are.

It is found below the ascendant and the descender. In the background of the sky, we can understand the roots, the relationship to the family. It is also in the background of the sky that we can see the way of apprehending the end of life.

What will be important to analyze is how these six main points interact. You have to look at what are called aspects with other planets (the lines). If two planets form a sextile angle or a trine, then the aspects are very positive. A square or a line in opposition to 180 degrees and the situation is negative. The quincunx can be an answer, a solution, to two negative aspects.

What can we learn from our child’s birth chart?

In an astral chart, it will thus be possible to decipher certain personality traits. Astrologers can also see the type of relationship that will be formed with both parents. Faced with planets that are in negative aspect, the birth chart also reveals how each person can bring a solution to problems. As each horoscope is unique, like a fingerprint, each operation will therefore be specific to the person. We can really consider it as a personal development tool. Offer or be offered an astral chart such as birth gift can be a nice idea.

Astrology, at the service of your parenthood

Knowing the inner workings of your child’s astral chart can thus be useful to parents in order to guide certain decisions and educational choices. Indeed, with a dreamy, very sensitive child, nothing will serve to push him to be square and down-to-earth. The horoscope can show you ways to handle certain situations with him that correspond to who he is. It is for example a very good tool to choose what extracurricular activity make him try. The birth chart also gives many avenues for reflection on the baby sleep or his diet. It would thus be possible to anticipate or solve certain related problems by reading his chart of the sky.

In the book by astrologer Chris Semet “Astrology: the essential manual for deciphering your astral chart”, you will find all the details of the different combinations to understand and read in your astral chart or that of your toddler.

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Create and decipher your baby’s birth chart!

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