Cold Full Moon December 8, 2022: Your Last Chance of the Year to Clean Up the Past

Thursday, December 8, 2022, at 5:07 a.m. French time, the last full moon of the year will be at its peak in the icy sky. And installed among sociable and curious Gemini, this one will be most explosive.

Just days away from the winter solstice, this majestic full moon is known as the “cold moon.” Paradoxically, she will warm the Zodiac with her overflowing energy.

Keeping your cool during this lunation may be easier said than done,” entry announcement astrologer Nina Kahn for Bustle. This astrological event will test your patiencebut that’s not necessarily a bad thing,” adds celestial scientist Donna Page near Women’s Health Magazine.

A cold moon that boils the Zodiac

According to the Farmer’s Almanacthe December full moon is adorned with two nicknames: the cold moon and the moon of the long night.

“The name ‘Long Night’s Moon’ is doubly appropriate, not only because December nights are indeed long, but also because the winter full moon has a high trajectory in the sky, causing it to stay above above the horizon for a longer period”, explains the specialized site.

And this full moon plays precisely with our patience, according to the analysis of Donna Page. “This full moon is in sync with Mars, the planet of action, which will inspire you to get out there and shake things up. At the same time, you’ll be easily annoyed when things don’t magically happen”.

Still spinning the metaphor of winter, expect to have to “anticipate an avalanche of information – and emotions – which may very well go hand in hand”, warns astro-journalist Maressa Brown for InStyle.

Especially since the last full moon of the year tends to be the scene, for the entire Zodiac, of big decisions free from fear of judgment : enough to start writing the first lines of 2023 on a blank slate.

Tenfold emotions and truths revealed on the program

Colored by the warm and vibrant energy of Gemini, this late fall full moon is special because of the sign that governs it.

“It gives us the boost we needed to express our needs and manage our emotionssometimes repressed for months”, translates astrologer Lisa Stardust for Refinery 29.

And these exacerbated feelings could well upset us until the next lunationi.e. the new moon of December 23, 2022. The fault is the ballet of the planets and in particular the retrograde of Mars, which favors truths, sometimes crudely revealed.

“Because this retrograde Mars is conjunct Moon, we should expect emotions to flare quickly. The Moon is our emotional pulse. However, with Mars and Gemini, expect that pulse to quicken further. Our partners, friends, family or colleagues could appear as enemies. Don’t blame them for everything and for nothing and weigh your words before facing an argument”, recommends the astro-journalist Elyssa Kostopoulos for rush.

Full moon of December 8, 2022: what effects on my sign?

As you will have understood, this cold moon will not be the peaceful end that we hoped for 2022. But what does it have in store for each sign?

the Ram go straight ahead, especially at work. Decision-making welcomed by your hierarchy is on the program. On the personal side, you will be confronted with underlying tensions that drag between you and certain relatives, even if it means being too frank. Beware of words that could exceed your thought.

If you face a conflict at work, Bull, this is the perfect time to put things straight. Do not encumber yourself with things left unsaid in 2023, these discussions will be life-saving and will allow you to move forward both professionally and personally.

It’s your full moon, Gemini. If you’re never one to do things halfway, the influence of Mars in your sign will almost make you aggressively motivated. So much the better, you are going to have to defend positions, ideas and projects in these last days of the year.

You need quiet time, Cancer. Fortunately, this full moon will be kind to you. Take the opportunity to recharge your batteries as a family and to clarify the next steps to come in your action plan, in order to take stock of your short, medium and long-term objectives.

You are very surrounded at the end of the year, Lion. Nourished by human warmth and the love of your loved ones, you want to clarify certain frictions. It’s time to open your heart, even if it means leaving a few people there.

You have rarely felt so good in your professional sneakers, Virgin. And this exhilarating feeling is not about to leave you. All your hard work this year will be rewarded with compliments, a promotion, or a raise. Get ready to shine.

For once, you’re having a hard time making choices right now, friend. Balance. This Full Moon is pressing your adventurous side, so you might see things settle out. Be careful not to decide in the heat of the moment, prefer to talk about it around you before you can’t go back.

Scorpio, with the full moon in your eighth house of emotional connection, you’re going to have to have that discussion you’ve been putting off for months. If the stress invades you while thinking about it, you will come out of this confrontation grown and relieved.

Energized by the new moon at the end of Novemberthe Sagittarius is launched to end the year in style. Many changes are to be counted: new job, unexpected income, flourishing relationship… Everything smiles on you!

You have been scattering yourselves for several weeks, Capricorn. This new moon is an opportunity for you to return to a more organized and balanced routine. However, this less predictable side suits you well, so keep a little slack.

Aquarius, you want to go elsewhere, but work prevents you from satisfying your travel desires. Take a few days off to at least escape mentally. And why not organize a little getaway for 2023?

This full moon will resonate in your family home, Pisces. It’s time for you to finding a better balance between work and personal commitments. Setting new boundaries in any area of ​​your life can be a life-saving first step for your psyche.

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Cold Full Moon December 8, 2022: Your Last Chance of the Year to Clean Up the Past

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