Clairvoyance of Christa, between Orne and Manche: “it will heat up for the government”

Christa, clairvoyant.
Christa, clairvoyant. ©DR

What will 2023 be like? L’astrology can provide answers. Christa, clairvoyant between adorns and Sleeveaccepted, for The Free Publisherto reveal its predictions.

What do you think will happen in 2023? Is this new year to be feared?

I attach great importance to the numerology, which seems to me to be a good way to make predictions. If 2022 was the year of 6 (2+2+2), referring to energy, and the expenditure of energy “without thinking”, 2023 will be the year of 7 (2+2+3), and will therefore refer to mystery, to changes, to what happens from “nowhere”.

7 is a very important number, linked to many elements of humanity: 7 deadly sins, 7 days, 7 wonders of the world, 7 chakras of the sophrology7 colors of the rainbow, and, in music 7 octaves. For me who loves music, I tell myself that it’s incredible all that can be done with 7 octaves, which is to say all the potential of this year 2023. This first axis is associated with thechinese astrology which I appreciate too.

2023 is hereyear of the rabbit, a calm, thinking, intelligent and cautious animal. He can flee so as not to be disturbed, so much so that he can cut himself off from the world to live peacefully. The influxes of this astrology are not to be neglected.

A year of mystery and change. What does this mean, more concretely?

The 7 also refers to meditation, knowledge and wisdom. The years in 7 have always been charged with revolutions and evolutions. I can cite, for example, 1492, with the discovery of America, 1789, with the French Revolution, but also 1969, the year when man first walked on the Moon. I also mean by mystery the unforeseen, too.

We will witness not the end of the world, but the end of a world


We will not witness the end of the world, but the end of a world, with a replacement process that will not happen overnight and that will span 9 years in all, with a cycle that started in 2017 and an end around 2025. 2023 is one of those years.

Do you foresee the end of covid-19?

No, this virus will circulate for several more years. We will not be able to erase three years of heaviness suffered at once. Other viruses could also take over. The virological cycle seems to me to be somehow fixed on the numerological cycle in 9 years. At that time, around 2025, as I told you, the New World will more or less completely replace the old one.

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But we must not see this end of a world as a dead end. It’s quite the opposite. Many human beings are lost today. Too many humans, in a constant race, no longer know the very reasons for their existence.

Christa, clairvoyant for 30 years
Christaclairvoyant for 30 years ©DR

The end of opulence

And, in these announced changes, the solutions will present themselves. They will be vital for the future. And, what I’m sure of, is that we will witness the end of opulence, of utopia, of hyperconsumption, of all that one does to impress others, with money and the demonstration of the signs of wealth.

It will soon be over the time of 4 cars for 4 people in a family, with also 4 mobile phones.


It will soon be over the time of 4 cars for 4 people in a family, with also 4 mobile phones. The world is going towards the restrictive, and prices in some cases multiplied by 8 or 10, which will no longer allow humans to get by. So, we will go to the essential. We are going to return to a simpler, more sober, and undoubtedly more pleasant life. The venal world, will break.

Indeed, it seems that we are witnessing quite a few changes, in 2022, and which will undoubtedly continue in 2023: more and more people are resorting to second-hand fashion, to the purchase of second-hand or refurbished products.

Exactly, and this is just the beginning. In terms of raw materials, we have seen increases. Not only will they continue, but they will grow. And this also applies to food. So we will have no choice. Necessity is the mother of inventions, it is sometimes said, this will obviously be the case. And the inventions could be linked to the development of short circuits, or to the fact of reconnecting with the Earth, with nature. It was not too early!

It will come at the same time the return to gardening, from the culture at the level of hearths of seedlings of potatoes and potatoes and leeks


All these changes in habits will probably lead in their wake to the return of barter, services, more user-friendly exchanges, better than the virtual conversations we can have today.

At the same time will come the return to gardening, from the cultivation at the level of hearths of seedlings of potatoes and potatoes and leeks, more and more.

Do you predict any other specific events in 2023?

Yes. In my view, we must fear the attacks which could resume, the religious conflicts which are not over, the 7th, as we have said, being meditative and spiritual. And above all, the revolts. I’m thinking of something like the Yellow Vests, but this time with a wider representation. There will be a return of disputes, all professions combined.

From the spring, it could heat up for the government, and the institutions of central power, which renouncing concrete acts, have for too long been accustomed to speeches, to piecemeal management.

They will be forced to review their copy, after being too disconnected from the realities on the ground in deep France. Finally, in connection with all that we have just mentioned, it is perhaps the whole of society that will have to change scale and reorganize itself, small hierarchical management units replacing the larger ones. No more speeches overflowing with pedagogy without action.

Comfort zone

Under these conditions, many politicians will find it difficult to step out of their comfort zone. They will no longer be able to practice deferrals, or promote consumer credit, these solutions being only “plugging” and being increasingly perceived as such by the population.

It is clear that the government will have to redistribute its cards differently! Local politicians will be less impacted. On the other hand, it is to be feared a ministerial reshuffle in the second half of the year.

Christa makes forecasts by questioning the numbers, the stars, the maps...
Christa makes forecasts by questioning numbers, stars, maps… ©Pixabay.

According to some, the most serious current crisis is neither the war in Ukraine, nor covid-19, nor economic difficulties. It’s global warming. The Earth seems to respond in a palpable way to our ambitions for excessive growth. Repeated heat waves testify to this. What is your point of view or your predictions on this subject?

I trust the man. You have to realize the extraordinary feats of which humanity is capable, the incredible vertical buildings that we make, which stand up, space travel, medical discoveries, virological vaccines… and many other things.

The challenge

So I think he will rise to this challenge, as he always has. I see that many people will do extraordinary things from small things, which can mitigate the effects of global warming. The ardor and human determination will bring new working methods.

Will we see the end of… this year?

The War in Ukraine. “Putin is formidable, he was able to involve a lot of people around him, before getting involved in this conflict. So I do not foresee the end of the war in 2023, unless he is deposed, for crime against the humanity, but you have to be able to prove it, or if he has health problems. But, on his own, he won’t let go, he will continue as long as he can”.

Pension reform. “Driven by the revolts, the government will have to get moving and do something concrete. So, it will come to implement programs that have been dragging on for years, such as pension reform, in fact”.

Ornais and Mayenne medical deserts. “Like the previous point, as the population is now at the end of its rope, the competent authorities should take this into account, and take measures to stop over-restricting. Because, if there are not enough doctors, it is also because the selection criteria are too drastic”.

Driven by a survival instinct, they will become masters of adaptation, acting like little geniuses. Thanks to them, many peoples will relearn good and respectful management of land, water and air, limit pollution, and contribute to the life of their generation and those to come.

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Clairvoyance of Christa, between Orne and Manche: “it will heat up for the government”

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