Chinese horoscope 2023: the year of the Black Water Rabbit will be very difficult for these signs

By Fostine Carracillo

– Published on 21 Nov 2022 at 06:30

The year 2023, placed under the influence of the Black Water Rabbit, will put three signs of the zodiac to the test. Here are those who are affected.

According to Chinese astrology, the year 2023 will be under the influence of the Black Water Rabbit. It will begin on January 22 and end on February 9, 2024. A long period that will not be without rest for certain signs of the zodiac. Indeed, this new year will bring its share of consequences.. In particular, it will invite certain natives to channel their energy. A necessary behavior not to be overwhelmed in the professional context, as in his personal life. That’s not all, some zodiac representatives will face many difficulties. They will therefore have to reconsider their plans. They will therefore need stable benchmarks to avoid being drawn into a spiral of bad news.

An astral phenomenon will particularly impact three astrological signs. Indeed, the beginning of the year 2023 marks the return of Saturn in the sign of Pisces. Among the consequences of this event, many projects undertaken will come up against a series of obstacles. Turbulence will thus affect Virgo, Sagittarius and Leo. The year of the Black Water Rabbit will offer Virgo natives the possibility of a great change. At work, this Earth sign will receive many opportunities that will plunge him into some anxiety. To avoid making bad decisions, it is therefore necessary to take a step back. All the options must be studied very carefully in order not to risk a financial imbalance. Indeed, this zodiac sign will be tempted to incur certain expenses to multiply its income. A bet, sometimes risky, which could cost him dearly.

The year of the Black Water Rabbit will push these three signs to their limits

The sign of Sagittarius will particularly suffer the negative effects of Saturn. Thus, the impact will be directly visible at the level of ongoing projects. The completion time will increase considerably. Dear natives, if you have the ambition to start a new activity, you will need to be patient. Financial and administrative problems will, moreover, not arrange anything. To remedy this, you will have to be ready to initiate major changes in your behavior at work. The sign of Leo will also be in trouble in 2023. According to astrologers, representatives of this sign will be struck down by bad luck. They will be particularly impacted professionally. What completely destabilize their career plan. To succeed in moving forward, this sign of Fire will have to review its objectives. A word of advice: refocusing on yourself can have many benefits for getting out of the ambient torpor. These personal experiences will allow you, dear Leo friends, to open yourselves to new horizons. Among the beneficial consequences? You will be able to develop new skills.

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Chinese horoscope 2023: the year of the Black Water Rabbit will be very difficult for these signs

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