Certain zodiac signs are penalized when hiring

Can Your Zodiac Sign Really Cost You a Job?

The “Jennifer Lopez” Rumor

This is the rumor that has been driving the world of show business for a few weeks. A story that has spread like wildfire in the media and on the networks and that fuels all the conjectures around the true personality of Jennifer Lopez. It was Heather Morris, actress of “Glee” and former singer of Beyoncé, who swung the info. In an interview for the “Just Sayin’ With Justin Martindale” podcast, the American star told how J.Lo refused to hire dancers… because they were Virgins.

“Thank you so much, you’ve worked so hard. If there are any Virgins in the room, can you raise your hand?” Jennifer Lopez reportedly asked the backing vocalists after a long day at work. According to the words of Heather Morris, the star would then have whispered something in the ear of his assistant and all the Virgins would have been replaced. So, true story or simple “hearsay”? Morris, who was not present during the famous scene, admitted that it was just a story she had heard from several people. Jennifer Lopez has never spoken on the subject.

Underprivileged Cancers and Virgos?

An anecdotal rumor, but which says a lot about the beliefs of some people in astrology, especially in the professional world. An uncommon practice, but which nevertheless exists, consists in calculating the qualities of a future employee according to his date of birth. A study conducted in China in 2020 revealed that human resources professionals were less willing to hire candidates whose CV explicitly indicated that they were Virgo (born between August 23 and September 22). In question ? The personality traits theoretically linked to this sign.

The study authors write that, in China, “some people intentionally avoid Virgos as friends, romantic partners, or employees, supposedly because Virgos are stereotyped as having unpleasant personalities (critical, finicky, picky , obsessive-compulsive, germophobic)”. During the comparative study carried out in the United States, it appears that Virgos are much less badly perceived across the Atlantic. The latter were less likely to rely on zodiac signs to figure out someone’s personality.

However, they were able to detect that, among all the astrological signs, Cancers were considered negatively by the greatest number. “The largest percentage of American participants selected Cancer as the most negatively rated sign in American society, possibly due to its semantic association with the disease Cancer,” the study authors write.

Capricorn, the big darlings

A negative a priori confirmed by the experts of the site PsychicWorld.com who asked more than 2,000 people about how their interviews went. Results ? Only 32% of Cancerians would pass their job interview the first time. It would be this time their “great emotionality” that would make them lose their means. According to the same study, Pisces would come in second to last place (36%) because of their anxiety and their feeling of illegitimacy. Conversely, the sign of Capricorn, reputed to have the most ambition, would succeed in obtaining a position after the first interview in 84% of cases.

Can we trust an astrological sign?

“Some individuals resort to star sign stereotypes as cognitive shortcuts to help them make sense of complex social reality,” Jackson Lu, of one of the Chinese study’s authors, told the HuffPost. “The danger is that the signs don’t predict a person’s personality or job performance as our large-scale studies show.” Thus, Lu and his team examined the link between performance and the date of birth of more than 37,000 employees. Results ? Unsurprisingly, no causal link.

Reading their astrological predictions on an app or having fun guessing someone’s sign can therefore remain a fun activity, it is nonetheless an unreliable way of labeling people. However, some American professionals say they consult the horoscope before making a major career change. For other bosses, it’s a fun and interesting way to perform a little personality test between colleagues in order to get to know each other better.

Asked by the site 20 minutes, Elodie, HR who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I was skeptical about hiring a Scorpion. We already had two Lions in the team, it would have been a lot of strong characters for it to happen. hear well”. She adds: “If the candidate details his date of birth, that will inevitably influence me. I know that it is not well seen, but it is stronger than me”. A study conducted by the firm Oasys in 2007 shows that 5% of recruiters recognize that the astrological sign of a candidate weighs in the balance. There is a lack of data from these studies. All we know is that the practice, deemed unprofessional, is totally taboo.

Be aware that by displaying your full date of birth on your CV, it is possible that a recruiter will take a closer look to determine your astrological sign and draw conclusions about your personality and your way of working. Even if the phenomenon obviously remains very rare and not very decisive in the facts. Virgos and Cancer, you have been warned..


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Certain zodiac signs are penalized when hiring

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