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Rigorous and pragmatic personality, the Capricorn woman does not easily reveal her feelings. Here are some ways to better understand this astrological sign and learn everything about their love compatibility.

Solid and imperturbable, the sign of Capricorn reassures. But by using reason too much instead of emotion, Capricorn can appear cold and insensitive.. However, behind its horns hides a great need for affection! Born between December 22 and January 20, the Capricorn woman is not one of the most romantic and demonstrative signs. It can even cool the ardor of these gentlemen at first sight despite a definite love compatibility. But when she gives her trust, she becomes gentle and affectionate.

What is the personality of a Capricorn woman?

The Capricorn Woman belongs to the element Earth. It is therefore characterized by a great need for stability, pragmatism, tranquility and realism. Linked to Saturn, this sign also needs rules and limits that allow it to go very far thanks to its perseverance and its ability to organize itself. The Capricorn woman is the embodiment of reason, she can therefore seem a bit cold and haughty, but her emotions are very present and just waiting to be revealed.

What kind of man likes the Capricorn woman?

The Capricorn woman is very active. At work as in her personal activities, she gives everything. She is therefore looking for a man who can follow her pace. The couch potatoes, she doesn’t want them! As a true Earth sign, she also seeks stability and concrete proofs of love. She therefore needs a partner who can bring her the security she so badly needs. The signs most compatible with Capricorn include Taurus.. This other earth sign offers the Capricorn woman stability and righteousness what she is looking for in a relationship. Water signs are also very compatible with Capricorn. Cancer, Pisces or even the natives of Scorpio bring their sensitivity in the relationship which helps Capricorn to open up a bit more.

How to talk to a Capricorn woman?

Although at first the Capricorn woman seems cold and distant, just break its shell so that it can open. For this, do not hesitate to make her talk about her work and her projects. Capricorn is an ambitious sign who likes to talk about concrete things. It’s a common point that all Earth signs have, they need something concrete. On a first date with a Capricorn woman, if she doesn’t stretch out her life, that’s not a bad sign. She just has a little trouble revealing herself to a stranger. But with patience, she will be able to offer her confidence to those who really deserve it. Despite their impressive horns, Capricorn is a sign that turns out to be more gentle and sensitive than you might think. To unlock the secrets of the Capricorn woman, you need a little patience and a lot of tenderness.

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Capricorn woman: how to seduce her? – Here is

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