Capricorn rising Leo: character, love compatibility and temperament at work

Character, friendly and romantic compatibility, behavior at work… Here is everything you need to know about the astro sign of Capricorn rising Leo.

The Capricorn were honored all this month of December! This astrological earth sign concerns all people who were born between the December 22 and January 20. It refers to the planet saturn, the star embodying discipline. Thus, the sign of Capricorn is recognizable by its great rigor and its strong ambition. Indeed, very organized, no detail will escape his attention.

Somewhat rigid in his way of life, he will then give himself the appearance of a tough guy. It is obviously a facade, but the sign of the Capricorn also has its gray area. Eager to succeed in his professional and personal life, he will tend to envy others.

Conversely, the sign astrology of Leo, represents passion. It’s the king of the zodiac. His force of attraction pushes him to bring people together. What does it have in common with Capricorn? His determination, which will push him to accomplish great things. So what character do we get when we combine theintransigence of Capricorn with the fire of Leo ?

What is the ascendant?

To establish your horoscope, or discover your horoscope, several data are to be taken into account. On the one hand, it is important to know your sun sign : this is assigned according to your month of birth and distinguishes the main lines of your character. However, he is not the only decision maker! Indeed, the ascendant will also have a role to play.

The ascendant represents the astrological sign that rose in the east at the time of your birth. To calculate it, nothing could be simpler: all you need is your time, date and place of birth. If the Leo sign rose in the east when you came into the world, then you are Capricorn rising Leo.

Ascendant represents the part of unconscious in you: the way you interact with others and behave. It embodies spontaneity, your “deep self”. However, it also refers to how you are perceived by others.

Capricorn and Leo Compatibility

From an external point of view, everything seems to bring Leo and Capricorn people together.. Indeed, these two astrological signs recognize themselves perfectly in their life projects. Both very ambitious, they aspire to a prestigious future. Faithful, persevering, but realistic: they form a perfect duo, including in the field of work. Ultra compatible in friendshipon the other hand, they are less so on the heart side.

Indeed, because of its excessive desire for success, the sign of Capricorn can sometimes give himself detached airs. of a rather cold personality at first therefore, it will tend to extinguish the fire of Leo. Their relationship will thus be far from passionate. A criterion that the Capricorn as the Lion seek in their social relationships.

Capricorn rising Leo: character traits

If by nature, the astrological sign of the Capricorn proves to be persevering and tenacious, the effect of Lion on its ascendant will tend to make him impatient. Indeed, persuasive, he does not hesitate to express his ideas to those close to him. Like the lion, the Capricorn ascendant Leo likes to shine in society. On the other hand, he always does it with respect and rigor.

Moreover, with others, the Capricorn rising Leo shows a double personality : sometimes cold and reserved, it will also be extravagant from time to time. It is therefore not surprising that he sometimes forgets to listen to your opinion by exposing his own opinion. Thus, his rigidity and his apparent coldness will cause him to encounter relational difficulties.

Yet the Capricorn rising Leo has a very big heart. Anxious to protect his familyand to improve his living environment, he will put his sense of organization at the service of his home.

Capricorn rising Leo: in love

Obsessed with sound perfectionismthe sign of Capricorn rising Leo will not leave room for spontaneity and feeling. On the contrary, he will rather show sentimental detachment, at least in appearance. The rising Capricorn Lion will therefore not be a follower of great declarations of love.

On the other hand, his feelings as a couple are sincere. In lovethis horned beast is above all looking for stability. His first desire will be to found a home, without ever falling into monotony. Therefore, to live with a Capricorn rising Leo, it will be necessary to have a lot of humor, and not to be too touchy. Ultra independent, this earth sign will not hesitate to end a relationship if this is no longer satisfactory to him.

Here are the astrological signs compatible with that of the Capricorn rising Leo :

However, the sign of Capricorn rising Leo will be less compatible with that of Ramfrom Aquarius and Sagittarius.

Capricorn rising Leo: at work

In the course of work, the astrological sign from Capricorn rising Leo will be a true leader. As a born ambitious man, he will climb the ladder at all costs. On the other hand, his strong temperament will give him difficulties working in a team. Indeed, on a daily basis, it is enough on its own. It will therefore fit perfectly in the law enforcement professions (police, gendarme, firefighter…), design (architecture…), finance and marketing.

In summary, meet a Capricorn rising Leo, and he will take you to the end of the world!

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Capricorn rising Leo: character, love compatibility and temperament at work

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