Build Astrologer Elden Ring: How to play Mage remotely?

There are almost no limits to the number of ways to play Elden Ring, but if you need a helping hand, or a little guidance to progress and enjoy the game, there is have no shame in that. Here we offer you a Astrologer Mage build viable in PvE at high levelalthough this will not exempt you from having to learn how to play it well, as well as learning how to face the most difficult bosses.

The Astrologer allows you to play in a radically different way from the start with his stone-shard sorceries, but don’t think that there is only one way to play mage. Depending on the selected spells, there are many ways to play. We’ll start with a basic Sorcerer build, which you can adapt according to your favorite spells.

A huge repertoire of spells for all situations

Kill enemies from far away

Overall easier than playing melee

Absolutely enjoyable on horseback

very robust

Very fragile if you want to optimize your damage

Depends on his FP (mana) bar

Vulnerable while casting certain spells


A popular way to approach Souls more easily is to play mage, this is all the more true in Elden Ring, and it is even easier than ever thanks to the horse, the recovery of vials on the groups of enemies, as well as watery beetles. But the dozens and dozens of varied spells available, as well as the radically different gameplay also make it an attractive way to play for veterans, it gives variety, and allows you to meet the challenges in a different way.

The gameplay itself is relatively simple, keep a good distance between your enemies and yourselves while bombarding them with the game’s first spell (even at very high levels): the shard stone spell, which is very quick to cast, has a very long range, deals good damage and is also incredibly efficient in terms of FP consumed versus damage inflicted, it’s the mage’s Swiss army knife and suitable for almost any situations. Other specialized spells, such as Stoneshard Bow, help eliminate groups of enemies. Loretta’s Bow takes a very long time to cast and is not very efficient, but it will allow you to snipe dangerous enemies. Finally, Piercer or Caria’s Slicer are very quick to cast melee spells that deal with aggressive enemies and situations where you are stuck in melee. They also help greatly against invaders, whether human or AI-led.

Important note : Some spells can be charged by holding down R1, which allows you to send a much more powerful attack for the same cost in FP.

Build Astrologer

  • Starting class advised : Astrologer, the Prisoner is an option too
  • Starting legacy advised : Golden seed


  • Vigor : It will depend on your level of play, the objective being not to get hit. Investing 20-30 points initially seems like a good idea in order to avoid getting instantly killed by an attack.
  • Mind : As much as possible, your mana vials will gain in power with Tears of Life, your bar must follow this progression so as not to waste anything. You will also need as much FP as possible in large dungeons.
  • Endurance : Casting spells, especially Shardstone in a loop, consumes stamina, so you need it for that and dodging. Increasing your stamina a bit will also allow you to wear heavier armor if you have high level survivability issues. Aim for 15 to 20 in the medium term.
  • Strength : An attribute almost useless in mage (surprising, right?), 10 to 12 points should be enough to wield the shields you will need.
  • Dexterity : Each point slightly increases the casting speed, it’s really not the priority, but investing a little in it at high level can help, especially on the most aggressive enemies.
  • Intelligence : As much as possible, this will increase your damage and allow you to use the most advanced spells.
  • Faith : You theoretically don’t need Faith with this build, but there are some interesting utility spells. There are also some specific spells that use Faith and Intelligence, but unless you want to use them, it’s useless.
  • Esotericism : You don’t theoretically need this attribute either. But again, there are a few specific spells that use Arcane in addition to Intel, but unless you want to use them, it’s useless.

In summary : Intelligence and Spirit in main attributes, then Vigor and Endurance. Bonus Dexterity.

Spell slots: These will grow naturally by finding spells. memoliths. Check out our Three Scholarly Beasts of Necrolimbo, Three Scholarly Beasts of Liurnia, and Scholarly guides to get a few easily.


  • Distribution of vials : The vast majority in FP (blue), one or two alive for emergencies.
  • Armed : You can quickly get a better shard staff in the ruins of the demi-humans northwest of the Weeping Peninsula (area south of the starting point). Subsequently, you are going to want to visit Liurnia for its very many options in this area. You can also venture into the Caelid Swamp to pick up the Meteor Staff from a corpse in the Ruins of the Street of the Sages, it’s great to start with, but it can’t be upgraded. What interests you most is the spell bonus, as well as the progression of damage based on Intelligence.

Elden Ring

  • Ashes of War: Shardblade Phalanx is the only notable option, it replaces the similar spell, but costs 4x less FP, making it a fantastic tool against aggressive enemies and invaders. It is obtained with Rogier’s Rapier+8. Its damage depends on the damage of the weapon, so it needs to be upgraded.
  • Shield : Your objective is to find and equip a shield with 100% physical absorption as quickly as possible. There are some on merchants and on Godrick’s soldiers. This will help you greatly in confined spaces, but also against ambushes and archers.
  • Armor : There are mage robes and helmets that increase intelligence and spell damage and even reduce spell cost, but they often have the downside of reducing life or increasing damage taken. It’s up to you to adapt your equipment to your load, you can try to have a light load to try to better dodge attacks, or a more protective equipment and have a medium load, a hair from being heavy.
Elden Ring

  • Suggested Talismans: Carved Amalgam Talisman, Radagon Icon, Astrologer’s Legacy, Godfrey Icon, Cerulean Amber Medallion, Cerulean Seed Talisman, Ancestral Spirit Horn.
  • Suggested spells: Shardstone Arrow in base spell. Shardstone Bow and Haima Cannon for groups. Loretta’s Great Bow for dangerous, long range targets. Caria’s Slicer and Caria’s Impaler in melee. You can also add a fire spell and a frost spell if you have them, for enemies that are very resistant to magic.
Elden Ring

  • Summoning Ash: Preferably a robust, melee summon to keep enemies busy while you attack from range.
  • Major Rune: Godrick

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Build Astrologer Elden Ring: How to play Mage remotely?

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