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Two days after the Full moon, the week is likely to start by still leaving us in the gas of the energies of the weekend. It must be said to remember that the Full Moon is always an “objective” moment during which we must make use of our faculties in order to guide the second part of the Moon cycle; and with this Full Moon in the Axis of the signs Aries & Libra, it is here a question of finding a form of balance and harmony.

It is in a context that invites us to transform our energies, mental (Mercury and Uranus conjoined and opposed to the South Node) and instinctive (Sun Square Pluto & Pluto in Quincunx at the Black moon ) that all this happens, with the objective of not leaning towards extremes and of being guided towards an outcome that we can sublimate ourselves thanks to our most beautiful energies and intentions.

Transition Week

And this at all levels! May this be in our context of Nation where we are between two rounds of an election and in the energies that surround us. The concentration of planets around the sign of the Pisces, invites our values ​​and our will to step up a notch and initiate renewal as the Sun slowly moves out of the sign of Aries this week. This week of renewal invites us to connect on all levels, to a form of higher energy which can guide us towards our objectives and next cycles of life: our mind can be graced with a dazzling intuition which will guide us towards our next destinations as we come to a crossroads. Either we know which path to take or we will have a hard time deciding and we will have to take the time to remember all the road traveled in order to avoid taking a road already taken…

Precisely this week of transition and the change of sign of the Sun should help us to mobilize and to reconnect to this part in us which seeks a certain independence. The first two days of the week can stir us up a lot, mentally but also come to raise questions that can put us out of phase emotionally… This is part of this transition which must also act as a purification: at the weekend, if we have taken the time to work around that, we can really feel pushed in a direction that will have taken the time to agree with ourselves, from a point of view of feeling but also from a mental point of view. Otherwise, the end of the weekend will put us face to face with our own potential contradictions, in particular in the face of novelties and other challenges that are offered to us, with the possibility at that time of operating a form of reorientation. Interesting moment therefore, which should help us to experience the first transformations and other purifications during this cycle before the next New Moon in Taurus, also a partial eclipse, which should insist a little more on the notion of purification on a much more important level. …

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Astrology: your horoscope for the week from April 18 to 24, 2022 – Grazia

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