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A very special week which opens this Monday 11 the day after a first round of elections which will only make very few people happy… And even if the big winners in history are not us the “people », this is not a reason not to vote and to do your duty! So go to the polls so you don’t have any regrets afterwards… To stay in the same register but on a personal level this time, listen and observe carefully what can happen around you, because once again the period invites us to put things in place, to initiate them or to embark on a direction: it will be important, afterwards, not to have any regrets either… So take advantage of the start of the week to reflect on the start of the cycle, on what which must be adjusted then at the time of the Full moon to check if you are in the right direction.

“Living in close osmosis…”

Because there are things going on right now in the sky and in our lives and we must not forget to find the balance between what we live and what is happening around us. It must be said that for a while now, the whole world has been drawing our attention to the various crises it is going through and in doing so, complicates our task of not forgetting ourselves (without being selfish of course)

Let’s try to stay critical when making decisions and stay aware of our motivations. The period is conducive to getting started, but it also requires managing to transform one’s mode of action, to think bigger and to show a form of sensitivity to what is greatest around. of us so as not to miss certain things. So for some, it will be necessary to do things differently, for others, to take the time to react and think about what needs to be adjusted so that everything goes as we wish… In any case, things are accelerating and we also at the same time we must adjust… The Full Moon at the end of the week must allow us to adjust what needs to be adjusted and to refine our next actions and next commitments…

The beginning of the week, especially Tuesday, can be a day that will tend to put us on our nerves, or even more, but it is important to take the next few days to try to remain critical in our analyzes without being too paralyzed by our fears… The weekend would be conducive to a form of communication to be developed in order to understand how to move forward.

PS As much individually as collectively… It is important to make choices that we will not regret both personally and collectively. Dig, understand and work on your fears to move forward if we talk individually about the positions of Pluto and the Black moon, individually. But also on a global level with the changes in the institutions that surround us, Pluto at the end of Capricorn, which must be dissected and understood, and the Black Moon which is approaching the sign of Cancer and which invites our society to operate a transformation of our deeper roots… These are energies that we live with and that give indications of the best and the worst we can experience if we choose to keep the simple side of the good-bad pattern. And the trap that we have already seen emerging for some time now almost everywhere and which is slowly closing in on us is the rise of the different forms of nationalism that this can engender, on the negative (I hope that I don’t need to draw you a picture to understand where I am coming from…)

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Astrology: your horoscope for the week from April 11 to 17, 2022 – Grazia

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