Astrology: winter is going to be warm for these 3 zodiac signs

the winter solstice arrives with his falling temperatures. A time of year to take shelter and enjoy the moments spent indoors. Many people like this station, but with the energy crisis, it becomes more complicated to appreciate it. The sobriety of heating required can be difficult on very cold days. However, the solstice is particularly hot for certain zodiac signs despite all these factors. Discover them here!

Astro: what is the winter solstice?

The solstice marks the beginning of the winter season and gives way to the shortest day and the longest night of the year. This transit, with the entry of the Sun into Capricorn, will bring Saturn into play, the planet of structure, determination and rigor. It may seem difficult, but it’s not that bad. If the summer solstice occurs in the sweet sign of Cancer, then logically the winter solstice occurs with the inauguration of the season in the sign of the goat, the opposite constellation. And this sign does not represent tenderness!

Horoscope: which signs will feel the temperatures rising despite the cold?

Despite the arduous and not very tender energy of Capricorn, three signs will be able to indulge themselves in this season. Each of them for different reasons, they will manage to pass the winter with a hint of an internal flame! Find out which ones here!


Venus, your ruling planet, makes a beneficial aspect with Uranus in your sign. This contact will allow you to free yourself from your inhibitions and go into areas that are unfamiliar to you. She will make you live unique and unexpected moments if you let yourself be carried away by her energy. Do not stay in the mold and dare to be new!


The winter season could bring romantic encounters that will spice up your life. The Sun moves during the first month of winter in your astrological love zone, making you want to exchange emotions with someone else. Be careful, because Cupid might be about to shoot an arrow at you, so be warned!


It is clear that the winter solstice falling in your astrological house of hearth is an omen of good domestic vibrations. It announces that your winter will be harmonious in your house. It means you will feel comfortable, so perhaps you should invest in your home and its inner beauty to enhance this astrological effect.

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The time of winter is traditionally for astrology, a time of retirement where our body saves energy and plans for the future. It is no coincidence that the star sign of this time of year is the Capricorn, serious and responsible. While the three signs above will have joyous opportunities this winter, they should not forget that this sign requires effort and sacrifice. The reward, regarding the astrological energy of Capricorn, is often there at the end of the road. You have been warned. You should work like an ant in cold weather!

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Astrology: winter is going to be warm for these 3 zodiac signs

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