Astrology: Which Sexual Position Is Best For You?

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What if astrology had an impact on your sexual relationships and desires? Here is the ideal sex position for each zodiac sign.

For those who have a particular attraction for astrology, you are aware that it can have an impact on many aspects of your life. Lovers, financial, professional, personal… even on your personality! Indeed, each sign of the zodiac has a character of its own. Thus, your behaviors will flow from your astrological sign and your birth chart more generally. What if astrology could also guide your sex life? It is still necessary to understand it and know how to listen to it. For more desire and sexual pleasure with your partner, here is which sexual position suits you best according to your sign. Follow the guide!

Capricorn: the missionary

The missionary, the classic and timeless sexual position that goes everywhere! That’s exactly what tradition-loving Capricorn needs. Although it is not very original, this position remains intense all the same by stimulating the G-spot. By doing so a big adrenaline rush. If you are Capricorn, the missionary remains your fetish sexual position!

Aquarius: the jackhammer

Aquarius is probably the most original sign of the zodiac. A free electron, he needs freedom, madness and breaking codes. This is why the jackhammer is the ideal sexual position for him. Especially because it is one of the most crazy and acrobatic, doing a very crazy and atypical position.

Pisces: the mermaid

The mermaid position represents the dreamy, sensitive, sensual and loving side of Pisces. This very mysterious sign may seem rather prudish and stuck up at first glance… and yet! The mermaid will really be able to help her free herself and let go completely with his/her partner. The goal ? Explore all of her wants and needs to the fullest.

Aries: Andromache

True position of warrior, the andromaque guarantees a certain energy and bestial confrontation. Which is ideal for the sign of Aries! It can also be perfect for women who like to dominate, in the context of a heterosexual relationship. This sexual position also allows you to get naked, while being very intense.

Taurus: the lotus

Taurus, despite his shell and his seriousness, is an eternal romantic. And the lotus position is perfect for this zodiac sign. Why ? Because it does not require too much effort and allows you to explore all the sweetness and sensuality that lie dormant in Taurus. The lotus is also the flower of romanticism and eroticism. What could be better ?

Gemini: the gazelle

Above all, Gemini appreciate freedom and lightness. It is not for nothing that they are particularly attracted to travel and the discovery of other cultures. Thus, the gazelle, a very erotic, acrobatic and aerial position, corresponds perfectly to it! It recalls the naughty side of this zodiac sign.

Cancer: the spoon

Cancer is a very sensitive, gentle and tender sign. It is therefore quite naturally that he seeks sensuality and tenderness during his sexual intercourse. And the spoon position is ideal for this! It also gives free rein to the imagination to explore all the erogenous zones of your body.. Proximity is the watchword of the spoon, while keeping a certain distance.

Leo: the tigress

The sexual position of the tigress corresponds perfectly to Leo. King of the zodiac, true feline and brave, Leo is a noble sign that alternates between domination and generosity. For good reason, in this position, the two partners are fully connected, while satisfying a position of strength.. By making a real naughty power play.

Virgo: the creeper

Controlled, gentle and elegant, Virgo is an earth sign. Making her a very fusional partner during sex. It is for this reason that the vine is a perfect sexual position for this zodiac sign. Thanks to it, you will be able to fully embrace your partner and connect 100% with him/her.

Libra: the seesaw

The rocker is a sex position that’s perfect for Libra. The most romantic sign of the zodiac, Libra likes positions that allow you to maintain eye contact or a certain closeness with your partner.. Simple, gentle, effective and romantic, the seesaw is perfect for this sign that only asks for romance.

Scorpio: doggy style

Doggy style is a sex position that never goes out of fashion and is very popular… especially by heterosexual men! Indeed, it allows to vary the pleasures, in particular to practice sodomy. Ideal for the sign of Scorpio, it can remind him of his animal instinct, dominant and very sexual.. Which is not negligible!

Sagittarius: the reversed horse

Finally, Sagittarius, the fire sign par excellence! The reversed horse will allow this solar and character sign to take the lead completely during sexual intercourse. Especially since it is possible to play the card of nuances by exploring all angles, cadences and points of view. A real versatile position that should appeal to Sagittarius.

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Astrology: Which Sexual Position Is Best For You?

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