Astrology: what is your totem animal according to your astrological sign

Each of the twelve Zodiac signs has a totem animal. Like a spiritual guide, it is supposed to help us to know ourselves better and to better understand the world. It is also akin to a protective emblem. Here is yours according to your date of birth, according to the analyzes of the famous medium and astrologer Claude Alexis.

ARIES (MARCH 21 – APRIL 20): the Falcon

A symbol of power like the Falcon, Aries is a go-getter. Above all, you are a majestic bird that likes to shine in society and is always in search of recognition. Accustomed to flying over wide open spaces as a winner, you are attracted to positions of power, where your intelligence makes a big impression. Like you, the Falcon is known for its pugnacity and wild charm. Be careful, however, to know how to control your nervousness and your requirements which could do you a disservice, underlines Claude Alexis, who set up a web TV dedicated to clairvoyance.

THE TAURUS (APRIL 21 – MAY 20): the beaver

Hardworking and generous, Taurus has the Beaver as their totem animal. The latter is a builder who has the power to modify his environment. Like him, you love to move forward, evolve, set up projects. You attract people with your gaze and this thirst for building love, the engine of your life. You leave no one indifferent and you are often jealous, as your charm is atypical, but also dominating. Don’t be too possessive and remember to leave others a living space so as not to suffocate them.

GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 21): The Deer

The sign of Gemini is a great communicator whose totem animal is the Deer, a symbol of lightness. This deer full of positive energy sends you messages of gentleness to help you reconnect with your inner child and this innocence that makes you the teenager of the Zodiac. The Deer reminds you to be gentle with yourself and with others. However, its majestic horns represent a defense towards others. Know how to decide and impose your choices, this is the message to neutralize the feeling of insecurity that inhabits you.

CANCER (JUNE 22 – JULY 22): the green woodpecker

Like his totem animal, Cancer is very family. You have a gift for raising children by offering them the best in order to develop their potential, and you know how to cultivate friendship and love faithfully if you have been won over. Sure, you can be moody and dreamy, but still spoil your loved ones by being the little chief of your tribe. The green woodpecker is also a lively, cheerful and carefree bird, associated with the joy of living and the flamboyance of summer. And he is a faithful animal.

THE LION (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22): salmon

For its part, the Leo, a sign that arouses admiration, has the salmon as its totem animal. This fish is a symbol of fertility and sacrifice. His qualities ? Be radiant and able to adapt with confidence to delicate situations. Proud, energetic and generous, your ability to undertake and achieve several things at the same time offers you great opportunities for novelty that you seize with enthusiasm. You are also insatiable, stubborn and demanding. By acquiring more flexibility, you will undoubtedly be able to go up and down the river without losing all your strength.

THE VIRGIN (AUGUST 23 – SEPTEMBER 22): the brown bear

The Virgin impresses her peers but she is not devoid of human warmth. Solitary like this native, the bear represents this form of tenderness that makes you want to take refuge in its reassuring and comforting arms. He is reliable. His habit of solitude in the heart of nature has made him patient to achieve his goals. Also, thanks to your totem animal, we can have confidence, appreciate your seriousness as well as your modesty, and a form of humility that makes you endearing.

LIBRA (SEPTEMBER 23 – OCTOBER 23): the crow

Like the crow, Libra symbolizes balance, it plays an intermediary role. You are endowed with gifts of prophecy. Spirituality is part of your life. You love to discuss major ideological subjects until more time. Your ideal? Being at the heart of things and people. If your animal spirit, the raven, wants to be a symbol of peace, sociability and solidarity – which you manage to be – you are also quarrelsome, indecisive, head in the air, and talkative. Try to show off less to impress, and cultivate a form of independence to feel better and find yourself.

THE SCORPIO (OCTOBER 24 – NOVEMBER 22) the serpent

A symbol of rebirth like the serpent, his totem animal, Scorpio is endowed with great spirituality. Because you represent the life force, you will need to be mindful of how you spend your energy. Try to nurture within yourself your abilities to heal through the energy of the earth and nature. Because you symbolize renewal, make sure to sublimate your personal development in times of change and transition. Especially since the snake crawling on the ground will help you to keep your two feet well anchored on the ground.


The owl, symbol of reason, is the totem animal of Sagittarius, a sign that likes to be in motion. The owl is characterized by a particular way of life between observation and hunting, and above all an immense and luminous gaze capable of seeing day and night. She is the embodiment of clairvoyance, the occult and the hidden. And Sagittarius, lucid, adventurous and clairvoyant, is known for having the ability to see what others miss, but be careful to take advantage of it in a beautiful way.


Like the snow goose, Capricorn is tenacious and eager to achieve its goals. Symbol of whiteness, the Goose evokes purity and sobriety. But make no mistake, she is also a champion of organization and perseverance. Like your totem animal, you are stubborn and obstinate, as much in love with aesthetics, decoration, fashion as serious commitment. If you have an idea in your head, you pursue it relentlessly and blindly without altering opinion, reflection or judgment. Be careful not to forget the essential: the passage of time. So enjoy.


Like the otter, Aquarius is independent and values ​​their freedom. Pleasure, group life, partying with others, this is what your totem animal symbolizes. But she is also suspicious by nature, but you are overflowing with infectious enthusiasm. On the other hand, your somewhat selfish, individualistic and unpredictable side can disturb your loved ones even if your fantasy seduces them. Your fulfillment is linked to a contradictory desire, to mingle with others and remain independent.

PISCES (FEBRUARY 20 – MARCH 20): the wolf

Like the wolf, the Pisces sign is hypersensitive and has great intuition. With you, it’s instinct that takes precedence. A person with the Wolf totem always listens to his intuition, this is what makes him alive and active. But the wolf is also a predator and the negative aspect of his personality can prevail and give this lack of confidence in others and in his own feelings. Trust your solitary nature and your taste for freedom. The savage in you will always be able to gauge situations to emerge victorious.

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Astrology: what is your totem animal according to your astrological sign

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