Astrology: what is the ruling planet of your sign?

In astrology there is 12 signs of the zodiac. They form the zodiacal mandala, which is the wheel on which the planets move. Each sign has a ruling planet that influences your character and your way of being. But it will also have an impact on your daily life. We explain it to you in detail here!

Astro: Your ruling planet rules your life!

A ruling planet is a planet that rules a natal chart. This can be determined in several ways. For example, if a sign is very prominent in a birth chart, the planet that rules that sign will reign supreme. The more this energy is present in our astrological chart, the stronger it will be.

The dominance of your sun sign will determine what you consciously identify with. What this planet does, for example, will affect your daily horoscope. These are the pirouettes in the sky of the dominant of your sign, which astrologers watch to make their predictions, among other things!


This planet rules two zodiac signs, Gemini and Virgo.
He is one of the fastest and is associated with the mind, intellect, communication and trade. Having this planet as the dominant zodiac is linked to agility, variability, intelligence and great negotiation skills.


This planet is the planet of love and femininity. Its influence determines our tastes, our way of loving and the value we place on things. The signs under its rule are Taurus and Libra. When Venus reigns, charisma, seduction and a taste for art and beauty are embodied by the person.


The planet of the masculine and the will. Its element is fire and it rules the sign of Aries. A person’s capacity for action will largely depend on the position of this planet in his birth chart.
Having Mars as the ruling planet implies a lot of dynamism and vitality. It can also generate impulsiveness.


This planet is considered the “great benevolent” of the zodiac. It has an expansive quality, and in the astrological tradition it is a lucky planet. The sign that Jupiter rules is Sagittarius, and therefore it is considered idealistic and party-loving.
Having Jupiter as ruler ensures a sociable personality, with few limitations and very cheerful. The person with this dominant can tend to excess and a great lack of discretion!

The moon

The Moon is the star of emotions in astrology. Although the Moon is a gentle planet, it can dominate an astrological chart! It governs our moods, our femininity, our home, our childhood and our intuition. It is very complete!
The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, a water sign.
If this luminary rules your astrological personality, you are, without a doubt, sensitive and emotional. Your mood swings are likely to be constant and your imagination and intuition, enviable.

The sun

The Sun is the king of the galaxy, and it is thanks to its heat that the entire solar system lives. This star represents the ego and the conscious incarnation of an individual according to astrology.
The sign that is dominated by this fire star is Leo.
Having the sun as the dominant star gives extraordinary magnetism. Charisma and authority often emanate from these people. They tend to be generous and somewhat temperamental if things don’t go their way.


In the past, deterministic astrology believed it to be an evil planet. We now know that is not the case. Although Saturn is the planet of time, maturity and limits, it is not necessarily evil. The sign that this planet rules is Capricorn, and that’s where the seriousness and rigor of this sign comes from.
Having Saturn as your ruler guarantees a formal, serious, dedicated, somewhat cold personality that loves solitude.


The planet of freedom, revolutions and change. The latter rules the sign of Aquarius. Having this dominant means being unconventional, daring and avant-garde. It can also give you a certain distance in relationships and a difficulty in making compromises that limit your possibilities.


Neptune is the planet of inspiration. It is a planet that gives its natives great artistic gifts. Receptivity, sensitivity and intuition are among its characteristic traits. The sign under its dominion is Pisces, and it justifies many of its character traits. Altruism, sacrifice and hypersensitivity will be present when this planet dominates a birth chart!


Pluto is the farthest planet in the solar system. It has been relegated to the status of a dwarf planet, but its influence is very strong.
This planet rules the dreaded sign of the Scorpio. Those who have this planetary dominance have a special gift for the occult. A sensual and irresistible charisma characterizes them. Hiding anything from them is almost mission impossible, and woe to you if they find out you’re hiding secrets from them!

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The planetary dominant is a key to reading an astrological chart!

Knowing what is the dominant of a birth chart is quite complicated. To determine it you must know the basics of astrology, and make important calculations. The ideal is to contact a professional astrologer to guide you. Without that, already knowing which planet rules your astrological sign is a good starting point!

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Astrology: what is the ruling planet of your sign?

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