Astrology: this sign is the least intelligent according to a study

By Fostine Carracillo

– Published on 29 Nov 2022 at 06:30

According to the results of this study, a sign of the zodiac counts the lack of discernment among its main defects.

Each zodiac sign has its own specificities. Thereby, these representatives of astrology benefit from many qualities, but also sometimes certain defects. With their very distinct personalities, it is then possible that their intellectual capacities vary. A star sign would be at a particular disadvantage when it comes to common sense. Indeed, British researchers have highlighted the natives who would unfortunately have more difficulty using their intelligence. To do this, they studied the astrological signs of personalities who received a Nobel Prize during their lifetime. A sign has thus stood out for having received the fewest awards in recent decades. The study also highlighted two other signs, with little advantage when it comes to accuracy and lucidity.

Cancerians are among the signs that unfortunately do not stand out for their common sense. The reason is a difficulty in communicating. What they usually lack is that they are emotional and rely on their intuition. An attitude that blurs their vision and sometimes makes them make bad decisions. In love, their partner frequently reproaches them for their lack of maturity. With their constant need to be reassured and pampered, Cancer is sometimes judged, wrongly, to be too capricious. Pisces, on the other hand, are the most dreamy of the zodiac signs. Indeed, these natives sometimes tend to disconnect from the real world, which distinguishes them from other signs. This attitude unfortunately annoys those around them. These representatives of the Water sign can hardly help but complicate their lives and often have to deal with the difficulties generated as a result.

A sign with little advantage in terms of discernment and common sense

With 58 Nobel Prizes, Capricorn is unfortunately the native considered the least intelligent according to the study. A more than surprising result insofar as this Earth sign is known to be very curious and above all to give itself the means of its great ambition. Rigor, courage and patience are also among the greatest qualities of its representatives. Thus, it should be borne in mind that the Nobel Prize is awarded to people who have ” brought the greatest benefit to mankind “. So it’s not just about intelligence. Capricorn friends, don’t stop doubting your intellectual abilities. Don’t hesitate to set goals that match your ambitions. Indeed, you are particularly recognized for your aspirations which arouse admiration.

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Astrology: this sign is the least intelligent according to a study

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