Astrology: These signs will have difficulties in December

By Fostine Carracillo

– Published on 13 Dec 2022 at 06:30

December will not be without difficulty for these three zodiac signs. It will thus be necessary to arm oneself with patience and courage.

The movements of the stars sometimes bring their share of difficulties. At the end of 2022, certain signs will be particularly put to the test. In question, the entry of the Sun in Capricorn, on December 21st. This phenomenon will be accompanied by various problems for certain zodiac profiles. The last month of the year promises to be very intense. If certain beneficial opportunities will indeed present themselves soon, it will however be necessary to show great concentration to seize them. You should not rely on luck to evolve in your profession or in your relationships. The astral climate marked by the influence of Capricorn puts the natives of these three astrological signs to the test.

Cancer is unfortunately one of the unlucky ones this month December. With Mars in retrograde, this Water sign will feel overworked and exhausted. And that’s not all ! He will also be in the grip of great anxiety. He will thus feel overwhelmed by a workload that is far too heavy. Several tasks requested by his management will generate a real feeling of discomfort. Before the end of the month, his body is likely to sound the alarm. Due to the consequences on his health, the requested results will not be achieved either. This energy deployed will indeed be counterproductive. Cancer will also be tempted to make hasty decisions to restore the situation. An approach not to be favored at the risk of sinking even more. Dear Cancer friends, prefer a break instead to benefit from the necessary hindsight in your decision-making.

Many difficulties will manhandle these three signs in December

The end-of-year celebrations will be tinged with difficulties for Pisces. The biggest obstacle lies in not being able to break away from bad habits. The latter taint their efforts at work, which risks having harmful consequences on their motivation. This Water sign will thus have the impression that his professional obligations prevent him from moving forward serenely. To get out of this impasse, it will then be necessary to open up to new horizons. Some projects could well help them regain some dynamism. On the relational level, Pisces will have to arm themselves with composure to face certain situations. Pisces natives, listen to the wise advice of your loved ones to help you calm down in December.

The month of December will not be easy for the sign of Capricorn. On the work side, this Earth sign will have to make a lot of effort to achieve the required objectives. He will also have to face a series of difficulties linked to a lack of communication with his peers. Faced with all these daily challenges, Capricorn will feel frustrated, exhausted and misunderstood. A situation that will give rise to great tension in his place of practice. In addition, this tense situation is likely to cause a drop in income which will not be without consequences as Christmas approaches. On the family side, this zodiac sign will also have to make every effort to strengthen the ties with his loved ones. Fortunately, Capricorn will be able to breathe from December 21. Indeed, the December 23 New Moon will bring with it new hopes.

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Astrology: These signs will have difficulties in December

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