Astrology: These four days of August which will be cursed for each of these signs of the horoscope!

4 days in particular will be disadvantageous for all horoscope signs in August. Astrology experts give us their advice!

No one is able to change fate. And as unpleasant as it is, each of us must learn to accept things as they are. The one and only way not to sink is to have the necessary mind.

That said, experts in astrology say that 4 very difficult days await us during this month of August. So be prepared for a very turbulent time during which there will be many changes. Our mood will change.

Astrology: August 5 / Negative transits of Mars and Mercury

It’s about of the most dangerous day of the month according to astrology. At the same time, two important astrological events will occur. Mars will enter the sign of Taurus and Mercury in the sign of Cancer. These two great changes will therefore turn the planets against us.

Mars will remain in Bull until August 19. A period during which many will become distrustful, suspicious and a little fearful. You will understand, everyone will experience a change of mood! That said, the month of August will therefore not be that of new encounters. All Zodiac Signs Will Be On The Defensive And Relationship Activities will not be preferred.

Mercury in Cancer is dangerous because we will become lethargic, somewhat disinterested, insatiable. Because of all this, August 5 and the following days will be worst times for business, for any business creation. Astrology experts therefore encourage us to seek our haven of peace. Where we feel relaxed and where we can overcome this period!

That said, questioning will be the key element to get out of this astrological storm! However, it is always important to keep in mind that the bad impasses in life never last forever. Of course, there will always be dark days. But remember that astrology watches over our development day and night. Therefore, have faith and don’t let the negative vibes disturb your previous peace.

August 13 and 16, prepare for a period full of tremors

Astrology experts have predicted a devastating new event to come. That said, all zodiac signs are systematically threatened ! Know that the Super Moon will have a stronger impact on our life, happiness, and mood. Therefore, big changes are planned for the day of August 13th. It remains to be seen how you intend to manage them.

According to the prediction of astrology, the Moon will be in Capricorn August 13. Consequently, we will be a little more withdrawn, turned towards ourselves. However, this shouldn’t impact water signs too much, like Scorpios, who are already used to being alone. On the other hand, this period will be difficult for the extroverted natives.

August 16 will see the conjunction between Sun and Mercury! As a reminder, the conjunction is a negative aspect that most often occurs between these two stars. The reason ? This is because they are always on the same side of the Earth. Astrology experts advise you not to leave your comfort zone.

August 16 will also be that of the loss. Indeed, astrology reveals that some natives could lose everything they have recently gained. In terms of your financial situation, it is therefore essential to keep a very close eye on your expenses. It turns out that the conjunction between Sun and Mercury will cause you to make unnecessary purchases.

Astrology: On August 28 Jupiter begins to retrograde

the last dangerous day of august is the day when Jupiter’s retrophase begins according to astrology. Moreover, the planet will remain in this position until November 24th. Many bad things can happen during these months. Indeed, we can lose the power of intuition and become greedy. That said, some natives will do anything to reach their end. However, going headlong will only lead to your downfall.

Most likely, we will feel the first wave of negativity on August 28th. Astrology says it will be expressed in the form of feelings of anxiety and lack of motivation. That said, your mood might go through several relapses. Any form of connection with others will therefore be destabilized. The ideal is to stay in our corner and let the feelings of negativity pass.

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Astrology: These four days of August which will be cursed for each of these signs of the horoscope!

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