Astrology: The best Christmas gift for each Zodiac sign

The countdown begins. In a few weeks, children around the world will be rushing under the tree to unpack the toys by the thousands brought by Santa Claus. For older children, this time of year is the perfect opportunity to show his relatives, family or friends, that you think of them and that you love them.

To do this, no need to spend hundreds of dollars in a priceless present! The attention paid by a well chosen gift will undoubtedly have the greatest effect. Is it still necessary to know well the tastes, desires and needs of the recipient !

What is the ideal gift for each astrological sign?

Are you out of ideas? To help you make your choice, Planet asked Natacha, astrologer for over 30 yearson the wishes of each zodiac sign for this time of year.

  • Aries is a action sign, an impatient sign that loves a challenge. According to Natacha, it is advisable to offer him a gift which will surprise and destabilize him. “It has to be simple, something that goes to the essentials without complicated handling,” she comments.
  • The bull is the sign of sensualityhe will appreciate everything that echoes to the five senses. “Something that smells good, something greedy, a pleasant fabric…”, notes the astrologer.
  • The Twins are very curious, In all areas. They need a curious and playful gift “Something quirky and fun, something they don’t already know”, explains the expert.
  • The cancer is a sign of emotion and tenderness. It should be offered a romantic gift, very personalized.“He must feel that we thought of him, especially not the gift that we offer to everyone”, insists Natacha.
  • Lion must receive a prestigious, luxurious present. Not necessarily something that is very expensive, but something that has a rewarding effect. “The Lion must say to himself: ‘Thanks to this gift, I will shine,’ sums up the specialist.
  • The Virgin needs a useful gift. “If it’s pleasantit’s even better”, adds Natacha.
  • The balance has an artistic and aesthetic side who will be satisfied with simple but qualitative things. “She is sensitive to pretty Things“, articulates the astrologer.
  • The Scorpion is a passionate and mysterious sign. “Either we know his passions and therefore we go in this direction, or we offer him something to do with mystery and thrills“, she declares.
  • Sagittarius has an epicurean sideit is very sensitive to evasion, tripphilosophy, discovery and spirituality.
  • Capricorn has a classic and traditional side but still very classy. “It has to be something of reference, a timeless classic Where something which is relative to the roots, to the origins, which has gone through time“says Natasha.
  • Aquarius, it is originality. “He needs something out of the ordinary, a little futuristic and avant-garde with a technological side that may please him”, continues the astrologer.
  • The fish are very sensitive. Give them the opportunity to explore their artistic talents if they have any known and assumed. “They live in a world of serenityfusion and romanticism”, sums up the specialist.

In our slideshow below, discover the selection of Planet gifts made from the indications of our expert astrologer.

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Astrology: The best Christmas gift for each Zodiac sign

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