Astrology: here is your favorite dish according to your sign

By Fostine Carracillo

– Published on 02 Jan 2023 at 06:30

Each zodiac sign has its guilty pleasure when it comes to food. Uber Eats has listed each zodiac profile’s favorite dish.

Your star sign says more about you than you think. In particular, it reveals your gastronomic preferences. Uber Eats has thus revealed the dishes most ordered by its users according to their zodiac profile. The passion of Aquarius? Travel while eating. Their preference is in particular for spices straight from India. Thus, tandoori chicken and coral lentil dhal are on their plates. Sagittarians are, for their part, more oriented towards American dishes. Their cute sin? The burger! This Fire sign needs daily energy. and, for that, a hearty meal. He doesn’t refuse either a dish of Mac & Cheese or a pizza cooked over a wood fire. As many delicacies as he likes to order, or even cook!

According to Uber Eats, Pisces is regularly delivered recipes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. He swears only by Greek cuisine, especially keftedes. This meat-based preparation thus takes place during his aperitifs with his friends. Le Capricorne is a regular at weekend brunches. But that’s not all ! He particularly appreciates when a dish is sophisticated and allows him to step out of his comfort zone. His guilty pleasure? The sushi, which he orders before delving into his Netflix series of the moment. With Scorpio, head to Thailand! Rather surprising considering his element, but this Water sign needs peppers in his favorite dish. Thus, curry and Pad Thai are among his most frequent orders.

A different favorite dish according to the twelve signs of the zodiac

Aries is filled with a very specific ingredient: burrata. Always delighted with Italian gastronomy, this sign cannot refuse a dish of pasta with truffles. The pesto sauce? A must in your closets. Gemini also likes sunny recipes. The tagine is a no-brainer for this Air sign. Indeed, it swears by the explosion of flavors in the mouth. Above all, eating should not rhyme with being bored! Taurus, on the other hand, gives pride of place to good products, without artifice. Thus, the cuts of beef enjoy a place of choice on their plate. A sweet indulgence? Chocolate of course! The Cancer representative is the unavoidable follower of the ” comfort food “. Thus fries, pancakes, Canadian Poutine are among his favorite dishes on the Uber Eats application.

Leos do have a sweet tooth. They do honor to Brittany with their passion for pancakes and pancakes. This recipe reflects this zodiac profile: festive. This Fire sign particularly likes dishes to share. It is also influenced by Argentinian classics such as empanadas. Libra has a guilty pleasure: that their dish is perfectly presented to share it on their social networks. To fully satisfy it, nothing like a healthy recipe! This sign particularly likes salads and especially the Greek salad. He doesn’t refuse an assortment of mezes either. Finally, the Virgin is more into the classic side of gastronomy. His favorite dish? Salmon and spinach quiche. A family chicken is always welcome too!

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Astrology: here is your favorite dish according to your sign

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