Astrology: Here are the zodiac signs that are the most treacherous, beware!

The four most treacherous zodiac signs

People who are knowledgeable in astrology learn to identify people more quickly. Quite simply because they include the most striking character traits for each sign, they know which sign they can turn to without risking suffering or being disappointed. They also know the signs that are best avoided, those that can hide something easily. Those who are doors towards betrayal.

For all the people who are not aware of all this, today we propose to tell you about five signs that are the most treacherous, those who will have the least qualms about risking harm to you, simply because they put themselves first.


Gemini is an air sign. And just like air, it can be calm, and rage in a second. They are usually the first to admit being frivolous and impulsive. They do not hide it and tell it to the people they meet. As a result, they give themselves the right to come and go from their lives, clearing themselves of the strong emotions they may feel, because they think they have done their part of the market by warning you of their character.

This ability to flee makes them people who are non-confrontational. Not because they don’t cause conflict, but because they run away from it. This is why they appear very attractive, even seductive. However, when they feel that you are falling into their net, they decide without telling you not to be part of your life anymore. Therein lies the betrayal, of making you believe in something possible that they never considered.


Sagittarius is a person who runs away from routine, simply because their biggest flaw is impatience. Sagittarius listens to his impulses from the moment they allow him not to be in a waiting position, or to change a routine that has become suffocating. People who belong to this sign are not always understood, simply because of their changing attitude.

But they don’t want to be understood. They want to break the chains of monotony, even if it means missing out on beautiful things, all because of their impatience. This is where the betrayal lies: they do not hesitate to betray you as they change their minds quickly. Forget their fancy promises: no matter what they tell you, they will always come first.


Capricorn doesn’t have a betrayal-oriented personality. But be careful, if you hurt a Capricorn, their reaction will match their disappointment, although it usually seems disproportionate. Impossible to escape, Capricorn is vindictive. Nothing matters anymore. Regardless of the ties that unite you, the Capricorn thinks with his brain and forgets his heart.

The dark side of his soul, no one wants to find out. But life is made up of hazards and it can happen. The problem is that Capricorn ends up hurting people who aren’t concerned. Rather than acknowledging his wrongs, he prefers to flee, leaving behind people who love him and who feel, obviously, betrayed by such behavior.


Scorpio fears betrayal. As a result, he is suspicious and does not open up to the people he meets. Mysterious, he realizes very quickly that this aspect of his personality attracts others. He appears indeed attractive for all people who want to learn more about him. When he feels confident, Scorpio opens up and is ready to do a lot for you.

But beware, he who was confronted very early on with betrayal does not hesitate to remove you from his life the day he considers that you no longer fill the space you used to fill. If he feels that you move away, and even if it’s totally wrong, then he won’t hesitate and consider you a stranger. Your mental health and well-being may take a hit through his fault.

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Astrology: Here are the zodiac signs that are the most treacherous, beware!

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