Astrology: here are the most patient signs of the zodiac

This Sunday 23 October 2022, the planet that symbolizes time, maturity and patience according to astrology will return to its direct trajectory after several months of retrograde. This marks the end of a period of reflection and withdrawal into oneself induced by the star.

Astrology: patience, a rare quality?

According to astrology, our personality is influenced by the movements of the planets at the time of our birth. Logically, these will determine even the smallest traits of our character. In this context, we cite a personal trait that is rather beneficial to have: patience.

Being patient is a quality that few people possess. And it must be admitted that in our time it is not easy to arm yourself with this attribute. Life today moves at a rapid pace, with advancements in technology. What used to take hours, days, months or weeks is now done in the blink of an eye.

All this brings great benefits for which we are grateful, because our life is much simpler, more comfortable and less laborious than that of our ancestors. But the speed at which everything is progressing is dizzying! This gives rise to a lot of anxietywhich is the great evil of our time.

Knowing how to wait when necessary is a quality that allows us to live in the present moment. In general, knowing how to be patient while enjoying the moment we are living is the key to being patient and not living in anxiety. Giving the road ahead of us the same importance as where we want to get to is a positive way to live life.

Which star signs are the most patient of the zodiac?

Two signs have the enormous virtue of being able to wait without going crazy in the face of adversity and difficulties. Want to know if yours is one of the lucky ones?


People born under the sign of Taurus are among the most patient of the entire zodiac. They have an anchor in the earth and in the present moment which is enviable! They have a great ability to enjoy their senses and the pleasures of life, such as food, and this requires being present in the here and now. What luck !


This sign has a kind of patience that comes from another attribute of their personality: ambition. They plan big and far into the future, so they have no problem waiting for more and better. Their ruling planet, Saturn, rules time and patience and makes these natives masters in the art of managing it!

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Which planet, according to astrology, forges patience?

You probably guessed it! Saturnthe great master of time, gives his natives a great ability to manage this precious resource that is desperately lost with every passing second. The Earth element is also an important factor in astrology for patience. The latter gives the personality the power to anchor itself in reality and manage time fairly and wisely!

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Astrology: here are the most patient signs of the zodiac

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