Astrology fans are more narcissistic according to a study

A study, conducted by researchers from a Swedish university, analyzed the link between followers of astrology, their personality and their level of intelligence. And the results are irrevocable.

Tthree researchers from the University of Lund in Sweden were interested in the personality of those who believe in astrology. Posted in Personality and Individual Differencesand picked up by the magazine Stylistthis study titled “Even the Stars Think I’m Superior” linked belief in astrology, intelligence, narcissism and predominance of character traits part of the model of Big Five (openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, pleasantness and neuroticism).

The study authors assumed that there is no consensus on “what makes some people more susceptible to pseudoscientific beliefs than others”, but that the factors the most often mentioned are: personality traits and cognitive biases. To carry out their survey, a questionnaire was shared via social networks and 264 participants, aged 25 to 34 and which 87% womenhave thus sent their answers.

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Using several tools, the survey measured four distinct elements in order to analyze their links: the belief in astrologythem Big Five personality traitsthe narcissism and theintelligence. Among personality traits, “openness” and “agreeableness” showed “small positive correlations with belief in astrology”, as did the tendency to narcissism. As for intelligenceher relationship with this belief was negative. By cross-referencing demographic data (gender and age), intelligence and personality (Big Five and narcissism), it’s finally narcissism which was the strongest indicator of belief in astrology.

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For those who are interested in this universe and like to ask the place, date and time of birth to a person they have just met: don’t panic. Researchers themselves recognize the limitations of their study due to the self-administered questionnaires, the lack of control over the participants and the low representativeness of the sample used.


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Astrology fans are more narcissistic according to a study

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