Astrology: discover these most intelligent signs of all!

People Act Magazine unveils its new astrology horoscope, here are the most intelligent zodiac signs of all!

Astrology and intelligence are not notions that we naturally bring together in thought. And yet, a British study makes this bet.

She decided to list the geniuses who marked history and to compare their astrological signs. Thus, it appears that three Zodiac signs stand out.

In the columns of CNews, GoCmpare and even among our colleagues from MCE, the same results appear.

People Act Magazine Horoscope Astrology couldn’t let its readers miss out on such information.

If astrology can help us know if we have above-average intelligence, that’s the kind of good news we can’t refuse. But don’t worry, don’t be in the top 3 doesn’t make you an idiot.

After all, we know that astrology is not an exact science in the true sense of the term.

In addition, a certain cognitive bias, confirmation bias, works in such a way that we will have the ability to refuse to integrate information that does not correspond to our preconceived ideas.

So why not take a look at this top 3 and ensure that certain data can make us happy?

Astrology and intelligence: relevant studies?

Experts in astrology divide signs of the zodiac into four categories which correspond to the four elements.

Water, earth, fire and air each have three astrological signs in their category. intelligence can do part analyzes that correspond to these categories.

Thus, the astrological signs of the Water element would have more heightened emotions than the others. Astrologers assume that these are people who have higher emotional intelligence.

As to Zodiac signs under the Earth element, they are calmer and more pragmatic. Astrologers therefore lend them a more Cartesian intelligence.

Indeed, People Act Magazine Horoscope also reminds that there are several definitions of intelligence. As there are also several types of intelligence.

There are four types. Action intelligence (interpersonal and intrapersonal), academic intelligence (linguistic and logical-mathematical), environmental intelligence (naturalistic and musical) and methodological intelligence (visual-spatial and kinesthetic).

While in the broad sense of the term, intelligence would be “the faculty of knowingto understand, a quality of mind that understands and adapts easily”.

But if we talk about emotional intelligence, we are talking about intuition and sensitivity. However, these two data do not correspond to the definition of intelligence in the broad sense.

In this famous British study, scientists did not compare intelligences. They compiled a list of Nobel laureates and took a closer look at their astrological signs.

Thus, their conclusions may differ from what astrology experts might conclude based on the birth chart.

But now that it is clearlet’s see which are the three zodiac signs that would be the most intelligent.


Gemini comes in first position with no less than 97 natives of this sign Nobel Prize winners. CNews even specifies certain datesindicating that these figures are accurate between 1901 and 2019.

This Air sign would therefore be the most intelligent of the zodiac. And oddly, astrology tends to speak of Gemini as people with high intelligence as well.

They are portrayed as refusing to be like everyone else, and no one can feed them bullshit.


Then comes the sign of Libra with 93 Nobel Prizes among its natives. This is a real record, which is close to the first place on the podium.

In astrology, Libra is known for its tendency to question a lot of things. Their nature is to always try to harmonize, to find balance.

Thus, their analytical skills are fine and they know how to adapt to all situations. Qualities necessary to be intelligent, People Act Magazine Horoscope grant them to you.



Finally, it is the natives of Virgo who come in third place top 3 smartest zodiac signs. Concerning the price Nobel, the Virgin has won no less than 88 between 1901 and 2019.

Again, Virgo is known in astrology for her analytical skills. Some would even say that she has a hard time putting her thoughts on pause.

Thus, taken advantage of, his reflections could enable him to solve complicated problems. It is therefore logical to see the sign of Virgo on this list.

All signs of the zodiac have their strengths and weaknesses. And it would be a shame to reduce intelligence to the number of Nobel Prizes of one Zodiac sign.

That said, People Act Magazine Horoscope will not prevent you from checking the scores of other zodiac signs on the CNews site.

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Astrology: discover these most intelligent signs of all!

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