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There would be a 13th sign of the zodiac, called Serpentarius. But this is generally excluded from the calendar used by astrologers. So what is this sign hiding? Are you Serpentaire? And, why is it not considered a sign of the zodiac? We tell you all about this disputed sign!

In astrology, the year is divided into twelve equal parts. Each is associated with a sign of the zodiac. However, there is more and more talk of a 13th sign. Yes the Serpentarius does exist in but it is officially not recognized in astrology. Why ? If taken into account, it would shift the entire astrological calendar! What sign of the zodiac is he close to? What impact on the other signs? Let’s do a check in.

Why isn’t the Serpentarius a zodiac sign?

The signs of the Zodiac correspond to the constellation of stars lying behind the Sun at a certain time of the year. The 360° of the sky are divided into twelve. Each sign corresponds to 30° of the sky. For a short period, each 30° passes in front of the Sun and influences people born at the same time.

Also called Ophiuchus, the Serpentarius is a constellation located between Scorpio and Sagittarius. It takes its name from a Greek word meaning snake-bearer or snake-bearer. It logically represents a man with a snake in his hands.

Although observed for a long time, this constellation has always been put aside, even at the very beginning of astrology. The reasons are still unclear. Some mention the difficulty of dividing the sky into 13 parts, for example… Even today, the vast majority of astrologers believe that this constellation has no influence on the zodiac.

What is the character of a Serpentarius?

Even if the sign is still little studied, some character traits are attributed to it. Generally, Serpentarians are calm, thoughtful, and wise people with a creative spirit.

The Serpentarius is devoted. He gives a lot to others and especially to those close to him, which makes him slightly possessive. In search of peace, he systematically flees conflict.

Serpentarius people are born between November 29 and December 18. Officially, they belong to the sign of Sagittarius. Both being Fire signs, their characteristics are quite similar anyway.

Devoted, the Serpentarius gives a lot to others and especially to his loved ones, which makes him slightly possessive in return. In search of peace, he systematically flees conflict.

Be careful, if you take this 13th sign into account, the whole zodiac calendar is off! With for some people, depending on your date of birth, a change of sign! Indeed, by integrating this new sign, here is the new distribution according to your date of birth:

Between November 29 and December 17? Serpentary.

Between December 18 and January 19? Sagittarius.

Between January 20 and February 15? Capricorn.

Between February 16 and March 10? Aquarius.

Between March 11 and April 17? Pisces.

Between April 18 and May 12? Ram.

Between May 13 and June 20? Bull.

Between June 21 and July 19? Gemini.

Between July 20 and August 9? Cancer.

Between August 10 and September 15? Lion.

Between September 16 and October 29? Virgin.

Between October 30 and November 22? Balance.

Between November 23 and November 28? Scorpio.

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Astrology: are you a Serpent without knowing it? – Here is

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