Astro: your horoscope for Tuesday July 5, 2022

Today, our neighbor star the moon continues on its way through the constellation Virgo. The star of the night, governs our emotions, and in this sign they become more measured and discreet. This is good energy for ordering and organizing aspects of your life that would otherwise be overlooked. beginning of July 2022.

Neptune, which retrogrades since June 28, 2022, makes an opposition to this light fixture. This astrological aspect of tension can make your discernment hampered by feelings. Beware today of illusions and lack of realism in your reasoning, and how you express your emotional needs. Mercury also being in a difficult aspect with the star of feeling.

Fortunately for us, the Moon also makes a beneficial aspect with Pluto which gives of the force and the resilience to face this day with game-changing inner power.

The Sun, still in Cancer, continues its difficult aspect to Jupiter. You are advised to be cautious in matters of ego and pride.

Have a nice day under the blue summer sky!

Daily horoscope for Tuesday July 5, 2022: love, health, work…


Today do not act only by intuition. Jupiter, always in your sign, makes you believe in the impossible. But a good dose of measurement is required on this day. So that intuition, it is usually one of your best allies, is better to show temperance in the face of this astral conjuncture. Keep your mind clear.


The key to your day lies in knowing how to organize your emotions. The Moon in Virgin in your zone of expression asks you to seek emotional fulfillment in your own internal resources and not in others. Your strength for the day will be to be true to your own emotions and desires!


With Mercury, your ruling planet, leaving your sign today, you will have a small drop in your mental energy. It will be a day with ups and downs, because of the latter in difficult aspect to the Moon and Neptune. Keep calm and don’t give in to the emotional roller coaster.


You lack self-confidence today. A feeling of anxiety wins your mind. Know that nothing obliges you to act immediately in the face of life’s dilemmas. It is wiser to wait and see things more clearly. The Moon and the Sun are currently shaking your birth chart, be careful!


Good day to review your accounts and the state of your finances to take stock before your season which is fast approaching! It’s a time of a lot of activity ahead of you and it’s better to be prepared in all aspects, because it’s happening faster than you think!


The Moon in your sign is in very exact opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Your feelings could take over your actions, and make your relationships with others and with yourself very complicated. Today, practice modesty, which is one of your best qualities.


Your mind is torn between your usual need to socialize and a circumstantial reflexive state induced by the Moon. There’s a time for everything in life, and if the stars are asking you to internalize, there’s a reason for it. Take advantage of the energy of the day to do things for yourself without thinking of others.


You will have good communication today with your loved ones and family. It’s a good day to call them and give or take news. Your words will be clear and if you need to convey a message, it will be understood without hindrance. Saturn and Mercury are on your side, enjoy!


You focus too much on the details and not on the overall picture of your current projects. The Moon in Virgo has this effect in you, but getting your nose stuck in the little things gets you off track. Get out of this perspective today and you will go further.


Accepting the other as he is is one of the great challenges of love. If you calculate all your movements, you leave no room for naturalness. Allow yourself to be yourself today and watch your true nature create authentic and lasting connections. Love is very close to you today. Allow others to see you as you are.


Good day to implement pending resolutions. Do not wait any longer. Now is the perfect time to activate projects. Don’t think long-term, think about solid businesses that will bring you immediate results.


Problems with a contract or legal issues could arise. Always trust what is written in the law rather than the good will of others, it will save you more than one problem today and tomorrow.

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Astro: your horoscope for Tuesday July 5, 2022

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