Astro: your daily horoscope for Thursday August 4, 2022

Today, the sky is in all its states! The great conjunction between Uranus, Mars and the North Node in Taurus of this first week of augustmakes on this day a hard square a Saturn in Aquarius which is in retrograde motion. A moment that can be complicated if your mind is afraid of change and questioning.

The moonenters this afternoon in the constellation of Scorpio, which promises intense feelings.

You will have the opportunity to devote yourself to the subjects that are really close to your heart, without getting lost in the superfluous. Take advantage of this energy to explore your full depth.

Beautiful day under the blue sky!

Horoscope for Thursday August 4, 2022: love, health, work…


Today, the Moon in Scorpio imposes a little neurosis on you in relation to a subject from the past. You will be tempted to come back to a situation that has not been resolved. Try to look to the future, and not get lost in sterile memories.


The Moon in Scorpio wanders today in your astrological zone of love and couple. This is the perfect time to have a deep and honest conversation. Let yourself go with your feelings!


The day promises to be perfect for making changes in your daily routine. Your planetary ruler, Mercury, in a beneficial aspect to the Moon in Scorpio in your astrological sector of health, will help you take care of yourself.


Venus, currently in your constellation, is opposite Pluto. This generates relational tensions in your life. It is important to manage all of this with delicacy and patience. Don’t let your emotions take over.


This day will be very emotionally intense, friend Lion. The Moon in Scorpio roams your area of ​​family and home. On this day, you will have to pay special attention to your family and close friends, as well as to your inner life.


A deep and important conversation could take place today, thanks to the Moon and Pluto, which influence your astrological zone of communication, you will be able to present your point of view clearly and clearly. Take the opportunity to speak with an open heart.


The Moon in Scorpio pushes you to indulge yourself today. Fall for all the prohibitions, because it will give you crazy pleasure and only for today there will be no guilt. Go for it!


You will have a beautiful connection with a friend or loved one today. You can let him know how important he is in your life. Friends are the family we choose. Take care of them today. The stars will guide you.


Your unconscious is very active on this day in August. The Moon, which finds itself in your last astrological house, asks you to follow your instincts and presentiments. They will be crystal clear.


You feel today a need to belong which is probably not satisfied. Know that the Moon, in negative aspect to Pluto in your sign today, has decided to play tricks on you. Let disturbing emotions pass by observing them, without judging yourself.

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The Moon in Scorpio in your astrological sector of career and work will ask you to take stock of what you like and dislike about your job. It is important to consider this focus today as a key to your future professional success.


Today, you will rediscover the pleasure of sharing your ideals and your values ​​with someone who understands and shares them. Be mindful of your emotions, as there may be an overflow of your sensitivity due to contact between the Moon and the Sun tonight. Avoid taking your feelings too seriously and put things into perspective.

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Astro: your daily horoscope for Thursday August 4, 2022

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