Astro: what diet to lose weight according to your zodiac sign?

As summer approaches, some women have a bikini body goal in mind. But to what slimming diet to turn ? What if the stars gave you personalized ideas to accomplish this task? Each astrological sign has its own characteristics that make it unique and special.

Depending on their character traits, they can be suggested a diet that will match the personality traits inherent in their energy, which will make weight loss easier and more enjoyable. That you are Geminilight and fast or Taurus, solid and greedy, we have the diet you need to have a “perfect” body !

Of course, this article only suggests diets that could help you in your quest for weightlossand it should not replace a visit to the doctor to find out what your body needs!

Astro: the weight loss method according to your sign


The Monodiet Diet

People of the sign of Ram are often energetic and willful. The Monodiet diet is a very effective diet, but also a very extreme one. You have to be able to stick to it with an iron will, and if anyone can do it, it’s this sign! Aries natives are often very busy and active. This diet consists of eating a single food for a predefined period, which has the advantage of simplifying meal planning and saving you time.


The Mediterranean Diet

Taurus loves life and its pleasures. Food is something essential for these natives. So, for them the most greedy diet: the Mediterranean diet. This diet is based on the consumption of fruits, vegetables, fish and olive oil. It is effective while remaining greedy. Perfect for Taurus women.


The DASH Diet

Gemini is an air sign, with great mental activity and the need to calculate everything. Although they are very spontaneous in society, the Twins don’t like to leave anything to chance. The DASH diet was created to fight high blood pressure by limiting salt intake, but it’s proven to be effective for weight loss because it determines exact servings based on gender, height and age, from each person. A personalized diet that will appeal to its very organized natives.


The Chrononutrition diet

Cancer women are sensitive and imaginative. Their feelings are often intense and they need to respect their biological rhythm as much as possible to feel in harmony with themselves. The Chrononutririon is a diet that follows the circadian rhythm which is the internal clock that governs the physical, mental and emotional cycles of our body to better assimilate food and thus limit weight gain.


The Atkins Diet

The Leo woman is the brightest star in the zodiac. Her glamor and poise are well known in astrology. She will be delighted to test the diet of stars like Kim Kardashian: the Atkins diet. This low-carb cure is very popular among celebrities, who swear by this method. It consists of adopting a diet composed mainly of proteins and lipids. Drastic, but effective!


The alkaline diet

Virgo is the sign that symbolizes health in astrology. If there is one sign that ensures you have an impeccable lifestyle, it is this one. Virgo women above all else, they will take care to be in good health. The alkaline diet is based on the theory that certain foods acidify the body. By avoiding them, we could lose weight as well as take care to keep the pH of our body balanced. A benevolent diet to adopt without delay.


Flexitarian diet

The Libra woman loves balance. She does not envisage a life of deprivation, but she does not like excess either. For her, the diet that provides a varied intake: the Flexiatrien diet.
This diet is ideal for people wishing to become vegetarians or for those who want to reduce their meat consumption. It will allow you to eat meat occasionally, favoring non-meat meals. In this method, nothing is forbidden, but nothing should be consumed in excess.


The Thonon diet

A radical diet for an extreme sign. Scorpio natives have the ability to live the most intense and transformative experiences to rise from the ashes, like the phoenix.
The Thonon diet is made for them. This draconian diet promises incredible results. A weight loss that can go up to 10 kg in two weeks! So well, it is effective, it is not suitable for everyone and you have to be very determined to be able to support it.


The Macrobiotic Diet

Sagittarius is a sign that needs to believe in order to move forward. Spirituality and philosophy give meaning to its existence. These women with lofty and altruistic ideas need a diet that matches their ideals. The Macrobiotic diet has everything to motivate them to lose weight.
This diet is based on Taoist philosophy. According to this religion, the Universe is built from the energy balance between yin and yang and foods themselves have the qualities of one or the other. A slimming diet that will give meaning to their quest for balance.


The Weight Watchers diet

The Capricorn woman is methodical and likes to be supported by scientific facts and structures that will ensure her success. For her, the perfect diet is the one created by Weight Watchers, based on a points system. The goal of this diet is to promote sustainable weight loss by avoiding frustration and deprivation. Their pre-prepared meals are also sold in supermarkets, which makes life easier for the often very busy Capricorn woman.


Reverse diet

The most original and innovative sign of the zodiac could not adapt to classic and boring diets. Its natives need everything to experience. For them, the reverse diet will be a new experience to try. The reverse diet consists of having breakfast at dinner time, and dinner at breakfast time. The lunch, meanwhile, remains unchanged. Weird ? A little ! Efficient ? Apparently…


The Okinawan diet

The sign of Pisces is often guided by their emotions. This sign is an emotional sponge and he will let himself be carried away by his feelings when feeding. The Okinawan diet follows Confucian precepts, according to which one must stop eating before feeling full. A technique that will help those sensitive people who have a tendency to eat their emotions. This low-calorie, nutrient-rich diet is based on a diet low in meat and high in fish, fruits and vegetables.

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Astro: what diet to lose weight according to your zodiac sign?

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