Astro: this sign is the one who consults his horoscope the most and believes in it the most

Astrology is a controversial subject. This discipline has fervent followers and fierce detractors all over the world. We are sure that more than once at an evening or at a dinner with friends this debate has appeared to divide the assembly into two rival camps.

Some people read their horoscope every day and others are scared just to think about knowing their future. If our society is divided over this millennial disciplineone thing is certain, many people believe in it hard as iron.

What is astrology used for?

People who believe in astrology often use it as a projection tool. They use the information given by the planets, not necessarily as precise and concrete predictions, but rather as trends or they can project themselves and thus decide what to do about a problem that concerns them or a decision to make.

The response of the stars, which is the result of a calculation and its interpretation, will generate a reaction in the person and thus lead to an action that will help him to assert his true will. This is how astrology predisposes, but it does not oblige.

Astro: Taurus, fervent believer in astrology

According to a survey conducted in 2020, the zodiac sign that believes most in astrology is Taurus, followed closely by the Gemini and Aquarians. This may seem surprising, because it is an Earth sign, a realistic and pragmatic element. But it confirms to us that even the most down-to-earth people need to believe in something beyond them to manage certain situations in their lives.

The Swiss psychologist Carl G. Jung, denoted the limits of empiricism to help the human soul find meaning in life, which religions and other beliefs do with more success and openness.

Why do we believe in astrology?

The relationship between the stars and humans has been close since the beginning of time. If today you just have to look at your phone to know the time or the tide cycle, this was not the case not so long ago. It is therefore normal to see a relationship between what can happen to us and the sky, the latter having been our space-time landmark since the beginnings of our culture.

Astrology is also an alternative to other beliefs like religion for some people. Monotheistic cults are losing followers over the course of modernity. Astrology is a more personalized and less restrictive belief that fills this void. Your birth chart is your own guide in life and the astrologer is a sort of translator of the message from the stars. In a world as uncertain as ours, having something to hold on to is always reassuring and necessary.

Science, which often contradicts astrology and qualifies it as pseudo-science, often also fails to secure human consciences, because it remains inaccessible to ordinary mortals in their daily lives.

It is important to always seek in this teaching the advice of a learned and competent astrologer who will facilitate the advantages of this practice with kindness.

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Astro: this sign is the one who consults his horoscope the most and believes in it the most

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