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Lazy co-worker, unmotivated boss, homebody friend… Which are the most lazy astrological signs of the zodiac? We tell you everything about this personality trait that can irritate on a daily basis!

The astrological signs all reveal more or less positive and flattering personality traits. Where certain signs are renowned for their high energy and their adaptation to change, others are rather perceived as lazy, even lazy. For instance, the charismatic Leo and the methodical Virgo generally have a good reputation with their colleagues and party friends. And for good reason, these are active signs and always up for an activity. Other signs are rather known to be the opposite! For lack of motivation or need for routine, in any case, they are the most lazy of the Zodiac…

Aquarius: champion of procrastination!

Say that the mysterious Aquarius (January 21-February 19) is lazy would be a rather harsh analysis. Aquarius simply saves their energy for what feels more important to them.. Which allows him to work efficientlyeven though it may return a “I don’t care” image. In general, a whole day of doing nothing suits him very well. One of the main weaknesses of this astrological sign isand postpone everything until tomorrow. It’s the ace zodiac procrastination!

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Pisces: head in the stars

Like Aquarius, the sensitive Pisces (February 20-March 20) is a winter astrological sign. And like his neighbour, the energy he will be ready to expend will mainly depend on his feelings about the action to be taken. The consequence is that it can be perceived as a weak sign and without energy. In reality, the signs of winter just tend to act more slowly, because of their season. Pisces are also known for their dreamy character. But this personality trait sometimes prevents them from acting directly in the real world: Pisces spend more time imagining things, rather than setting them up.

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Taurus: the most home-loving zodiac sign

the determined Taurus (April 20-May 20) may not be a sign of winter, but it too is rather slow. Not because it is specially dreamy like Piscesbut because Taurus prefers first to observe and reflect before taking action. What makes Taurus happy? It’s the routine ! This sign likes to stroll around his house and stand in front of a series with a small snack. He enjoy the small pleasures of life, without stressing yourself unnecessarily with unknown (personal or professional) experiences. Which sometimes earns him criticism from his relatives.

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Astro: these 3 most lazy signs of the Zodiac – X Gossip

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