Astro: The 3 signs most likely to be psychopaths

According to an FBI report, some astrological signs would be more likely to commit murder than others. The American press would have made a link with people with undeniable aptitudes of serial killers. As a result, many of them hide their game well! It goes without saying that the natives of the astrological signs named below feel in no way concerned. And for good reason, we are only going to highlight the character trait, the personality and in this case, the “personality disorder” side of some of them. This psychological profile can be perceived in the reading of each person’s natal chart. The editorial staff of Fourchette & Bikini has decided to make its list of serial killers.

They are known for their moody side: Cancer

It may be surprising to see this sign of water on the highest step of the podium and yet… It is true that the natives of cancer are better known for their shy, sensitive side and their protective side which remains very marked in them. And yet, we must not forget that the moon rules Cancers. Hence the fact that they are changeable, both in their emotions and in their reactions. It must be said that they can seem quite unstable from a mental point of view. Without forgetting that these natives are sometimes susceptible and that they do not have a memory problem, quite the contrary! If the natives of this sign carry you in their hearts, they will do everything to satisfy you. However, in the opposite case, if you have fun teasing their vengeful side, they are capable of the unthinkable, the unimaginable. According to the FBI report, the natives of this sign are reputed to have a tendency to commit crimes of passion. We must not forget that Cancer is jealous! So a piece of advice, if you have cancer in your close circle, don’t push it too hard! To draw a parallel with the FBI report, here are some serial killers born under the sign of cancer: Carl Panzram, Genene Jones or Robert Maudsley

Another zodiac sign under the water element: Scorpio

It is without great surprise that we confer on the scorpions this psychopathic side and sometimes having a mysterious behavior. Driven by an inner fire, the natives of this sign are just as capable of the worst as of the best. They are complex and tormented in nature. Very rebellious, they do not allow themselves to be stepped on. They have a dark side to them. Self-destruction is their credo. They can be both passionate and downright contemptuous. But beware, scorpions are capable of being violent towards others but also towards themselves. For them, revenge is a dish best served cold. These have no limit! To draw a parallel with the FBI report, here are some serial killers born under the sign of the scorpion: Fritz Haarmann, Robert Pickton or Kristen Gilbert.

And finally an air sign: Gemini

The natives of Gemini don’t like to stay in their place. They always need to be in action and surrounded. The latter are interested in many things and therefore scatter in all directions. Moreover, many believe that many of them would have a double personality… Which can be a tendency to murderous schizophrenia. When they are taken by such a crisis, their perception of reality is disturbed which can make them commit the irreparable. Be careful not to be fooled! They have easy contact but also the way to manage to get comfortable easily and quickly. You will be warned! To draw a parallel with the FBI report, here are some serial killers born under the sign of Gemini: Jeffrey Dahmer, Trevor Hardy or Ted Kaczynski.

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Astro: The 3 signs most likely to be psychopaths

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