Astro: how to know your birth chart, and above all what is it for? – Here is

Signs, planets, houses… To know everything about the realization of an astral chart and especially how to decipher it. Find out how to get a complete map of your personality in minutes!

Sun sign, Mercury in Capricorn, house 7… Unless you are a specialist in astrology, these notions are complex to grasp. But knowing what the astral chart corresponds to is an excellent start. Find out everything you need to know about the sky map and the possible repercussions that it will have on your year…

Who makes the birth chart?

To know your birth chart, you don’t need a specialist! A simple search on a dedicated site with your date, time and place of birth enough to receive your sky map for free. Only, the astral chart of a birth is quite complex to understand. Of course you can look up the meaning of each element one by one. But to make it easier for you, consulting an astrologer can be a good idea to have your chart analyzed.

What is a person’s birth chart?

In astrology, the birth chart corresponds to a chart of the sky at the time of your birth. As if we were taking a picture of the stars (sun, moon, planets) at the date, at the time and at the exact place of this precise moment. A map of the sky is composed the solar or astrological sign, the lunar signfrom rising signplanets and of their homes.

With the first 3 elements, you can already enter the outline of your personality. The location of the 9 planets (including the Moon) will be used to complete your profile. Each of them has a influence on different angles of a personality, while the 12 houses correspond to different aspects of a life. House 2 for example, concerns your relationship with moneywhereas the 9th house is more about your openness to the world.

What are the luckiest signs in 2022?

The year 2022 has precisely been more or less favorable for the signs of the zodiac according to the locations of the planets. The big winners so far are the majestic lionsbut also the mysterious Geminiand finally the harmonious Libras.

In July and August, there was love in the air for Leo and Gemini for example. Thanks to their tenfold charisma with the presence of Mercury, Leo couples and singles had some nice surprises. Gemini meanwhile were able to start the new school year with great energy thanks to Mars after a period conducive to relationships.

Libras, in search of romantic affinity, also saw their power of seduction increased around September thanks to Mercury. An ideal situation for this very sociable sign. It was then their motivation that doubled at the end of the month thanks to the Sun entering their sign.

We look forward to seeing what will be lucky signs of 2023 !

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Astro: how to know your birth chart, and above all what is it for? – Here is

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