Astro: here are the astrological signs that would be the least faithful

Certain astrological signs have a bad reputation in terms of marital fidelity. While earth signs Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn are particularly known for being trustworthy once in a relationship, fire and air signs, on the contrary, tend to live in the moment and frolic. to the right and to the left.


And the palm of the most unfaithful sign is awarded to… Sagittarius. According to astrologer Nathalie Marcot, also “expert in inner connection and couple relationship”, in love, it is indeed “the least faithful of the signs of the zodiac”. Sagittarius is “an adventurer” who is very attached to his freedom, and who lives very intensely.

The natives of this sign “burn the candle at both ends, and act before thinking. They have a lot of friends, and like to be the center of attention”, she specifies, recalling that to have a more precise analysis of the affective domain, it is also necessary to take into account the ascendant, the Moon, as well than the position of Venus in her birth chart.


On the second step of the podium, we find Gemini, or “Monsieur/Madame Curieux(se)”. According to the specialist, this air sign tends “to flutter because it needs to see if the grass is not greener elsewhere”. He’s “a big kid who needs to have fun,” she adds.

And these last two signs, Sagittarius and Gemini therefore, do not enjoy a better reputation in friendship. We cannot indeed “count too much on them and they are not used to taking news”. If you have a heartache, or need help with a move, it is better to turn to earth and water signs.


In third place in the ranking is a sign of water: the fish. He is “sweet, dreamy, romantic, and does everything to make everyone feel good”, but he is also “a great seducer who likes to please” and who cannot help lying, especially the man. fish. “It’s stronger than him, he lies without realizing it. He would like reality to be as beautiful as in his dreams… So he manages with reality! It’s second nature to him.”

He may be tempted to deceive his or her life partner “because he knows he is eel enough to slip through the cracks, and trick his other half,” says the astro-coach, who holds a Youtube channel on which she shares advice for better living as a couple.

Aquarius and Aries

Another sign that can be fickle: Aquarius. And for good reason, “it is the sign of freedom. He needs independence and doesn’t want to fit into the mould. People born under this air sign “like to do what they want and be different from others,” notes the expert.

Finally, we can mention Aries. This sign of fire is “prone to love at first sight”, but “boredom and routine, warns Nathalie Marcot, can quickly tip over into infidelity”.

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Astro: here are the astrological signs that would be the least faithful

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