Astro: here are the 4 most flirty zodiac signs

Your personality is no secret to astrology. This discipline can describe just about every aspect of a person’s life. Whether you believe it or not, the information is in your birth chart, and an astrologer could easily bring to light the best hidden aspects of your character. Your way of seeing life, of thinking, of loving… And of docking!

According to astrology, there are two planets that govern the art of flirting. When it comes to romantic relationships, there are planets that guide us and determine how you act.

Astro: two planets rule the sweet talkers


The position and the sign of Venus in your birth chart indicate the color of your desires. This will condition your way of loving and flirting. Your search for pleasure will pass through this planet.


The planet opposite and complementary to Venus, represents the way to actively conquer the desires of the latter. Our passion and steps to conquer our object of desire will pass through the filter of your Martian energy.

What are the most seductive signs of the Zodiac?

Knowing that the planets directly influence the signs, it is not surprising that those whose ruling planet is those that intervene in our way of loving are the most flirty signs. Pluto, the most bewitching planet, gives Scorpios enough to enter this top 4 of the most flirtatious signs of the zodiac!


We find among these natives the kind of flirt rather frank and direct. The Fire element makes them passionate and direct. They know what they want and they go get it. make or break with Ariesbut by dint of always trying it, inevitably it sucks pretty good!


This sign is under the brood of Venus and they know what to do to seduce. Their style of conquest is rather refined and ambiguous, but one thing is certain, if it’s flirting, they will always find a way to use sophisticated and romantic techniques to achieve their ends.


The other Venusian Zodiac sign is more into old-fashioned flirting. Chocolates, sweets, gifts, dinner by candlelight… Rather old fashioned, but that’s not a bad thing, because his love is as stable and robust as the old love stories. For them, flirting is serious business, if you’re just there for a one-night stand, move on.


Here is a sign that has a unique magnetism. Their secretive and mysterious personalities allow them to hunt down the toughest targets and emerge victorious. If you fall in love with one of these natives, believe us that on their side, it was completely planned. Their seduction is infallible. Be careful, they have a dark charm, you have been warned.

The Moon, a marker of our receptivity

The moon represents how we take care of others and ourselves, how we nurture ourselves emotionally and show our feelings. If your Moon is in a feminine sign, she will be more receptive to conquest, while if she is in a masculine sign, your emotional instinct will be more to go hunting!

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Astro: here are the 4 most flirty zodiac signs

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