Astro gift idea: what gift to offer according to the signs?

Aries: a chic and timeless fragrance

We tend to think that with their assertive character, Aries will ask for the impossible for Christmas. While often, his heart simply needs simplicity to be fulfilled. Offer him a legendary and timeless perfume, like the No. 5 from Chanelit is to make sure not to be mistaken.

Eau de Parfum No. 5


75 euros

Taureau: an exceptional gourmet restaurant

No need to put your spleen in court-bouillon. With the Taurus, offer him something to eat to delight him. A small starred restaurant, a chef’s meal, a dinner in a castle, an unusual gastronomic experience…in short, everything that will allow him to awaken his taste buds, and that you will find in a Wonderbox.

Exceptional dinner

Exceptional dinner



Gemini: an illustrious weekend alone (or as a duo)

Like Pisces and Libra, Gemini is the third “double” sign of the zodiac (which is why Pisces is written with an “s”, and Gemini with an “x”). A sign of a complicated nature, sometimes difficult to pin down. Which does not mean that offering a nice gift to a Gemini is mission impossible. Quite the contrary, this one will never balk at a nice trip to the heart of a big bustling city, like London for example.

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Cancer: a high-end and romantic gift

We tend to say that Pisces is the most romantic sign of the zodiac. Nay! Cancer also has a say. Reason why to offer him a high-end (even luxury) gift will always be a perfect idea to make your eyes sparkle. We are thinking here of the Prada barrette in crystals and brass, as imagined for passionate souls.

Brass and crystal hair clip

Brass and crystal hair clip


450 euros

Lion: a multifunctional micro-bag

Leo is the most sparkling sign of the zodiac. Beautiful things, he is an expert. So as not to make a mistake by giving him a gift this Christmas, set your sights on a practical little bag, like the Michael Kors shoulder phone case. Trendy, elegant and versatile, he can only approve… and will also use it as a mini bag.

Virgo: a simple and classic fashion product

Simple and down to earth Virgo likes the concrete. “The rest, I leave it to you”, as Clara Luciani would say. To amaze this Earth sign, there’s nothing like betting on a great classic from the women’s wardrobe. Our advice: a pretty pair of moccasins, the trendy shoe of the year par excellence, and as preppy as you want.

Balance: a console that we tear off

Sweet and charming, a blink of an eye is enough for Libra to put people in their pocket. The reason ? Her “seductive” side, which she also transmits via her taste for sharp objects and in tune with the times. We recommend: a video games console fashionable, to appease his repressed geek side.

Scorpion: an ultra-fashionable and visual coat

For Scorpio, it is out of the question to do half measures. Ultra-sensual and passionate, this Water sign is in its element when surrounded by all that sparkles. Head, therefore, to the trendiest store near you. We encourage you to take him a nice winter coat, like a oversized and glossy black puffer jacket The Kooples.

Sagittarius: an unforgettable journey

It’s almost boring with the Sagittarius, because we often tend to think that they all have the same wish: to go around the world. In this vein, there’s nothing like organizing a little weekend in a cool and laid-back city. The best destination to enliven its adventurous nature: Amsterdam.

Capricorn: a charming and useful mix

Earth sign, Capricorn does not need much to be happy. Bon vivant by nature, he will appreciate all the little attentions. But to spoil it, there’s nothing like associating the trend with the practical. We are thinking here of a good Champagne bottle, which he will not hesitate to share with his loved ones during the holidays. Remembering that alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

Aquarius: a nice pair of sneakers

Complicated and independent, Aquarius rejects all forms of dependency. In particular because he generally knows what he wants, even if it means demonstrating a solid requirement. To aim straight, direction Lacoste which offers many products that are as timeless as they are stylish. The idea: to find a specific gift, adapted to his way of life at 100 per hour.

Pisces: a perfume to feed your sensitivity

Endearing and sensitive, Pisces is not complicated to satisfy when it comes to gifts. Which does not mean that it is stripped of claims and personality. On the contrary, in order not to be mistaken, think of his romantic nature. A set of high-end, limited-edition candles to scent your cocoon all winter long is, in our opinion, the best idea. Direction Diptychtherefore, for its quality products and always at the forefront of design.

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Astro gift idea: what gift to offer according to the signs?

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