Amazon Presents: a reality show on astrology and a series with Jean Dujardin

The platform held its traditional conference and lifted the veil on its upcoming French productions.

In 2021, Amazon Prime Video gave pride of place to French productions. Many series and films have largely contributed to establishing the position of the streaming giant in France. This is the case of Orelsan: Show Never That to Nobody, documentary dedicated to the French rapper.

According to the platform, the series directed by Clément Cotentin has established itself as the 4th biggest recruitment offer since the launch of Prime Video in France. The firm therefore does not intend to stop there, and plans to expand the ranks of its offer with many French productions. Whether on the side of the series or that of the films, Prime Video still has many tricks up its sleeve. We take stock.

Original series (documentaries and fiction)

The Pogmentary – in 2022

Exclusively for France, Amazon Prime Video will dedicate a documentary to the football icon: Paul Pogba. In several episodes, the series promises access and a unique point of view on the life and career of the footballer. This story will be punctuated by several animated sequences to deliver an uncompromising portrait of the man behind the athlete.

For the time being, the precise release date has not been communicated by the firm. We know, however, that it should join the catalog later this year.

Orelsan: Never Show This to Anyone (season 2) – date undetermined

A real dive into the origins of the Caennais rapper, the documentary directed by his brother Clément Cotentin will have a season 2. Currently filming, this new burst of episodes does not yet have an official release date. Amazon nevertheless announces a plethora of new archives and unpublished behind-the-scenes access to its latest concerts.

Alfonso – in 2023

After OSS 117: Red Alert in Black Africa, Nicolas Bedos arrives in the small skylight. The filmmaker is directing and writingAlfonso, romantic comedy with Jean Dujardin in the main role. This production, which should land in 2023 on our screens, already benefits from a rather promising cast.

To face the Oscar-winning actor, Bedos calls on Pierre Arditi, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Nicole Garcia. As for the plot, we know very little at the moment. It will be necessary to wait a little, the shooting not having been launched yet. It is, however, imminent according to the official account of actor and director Nicolas Bedos.

Greek Salad – in 2023

Cédric Klapish is fine-tuning his new television production. The filmmaker, whose latest film En Corps is currently showing, will transport us to a new comedy directly linked to the Auberge Espagnole. Tom and Mia, the children of Wendy and Xavier, go on a new adventure in Athens.

If we are still waiting for the trailer for this series, Amazon Prime Video shared the first images during its conference. The date is set for 2023.

Miskina – soon

The series created by Melha Bedia, Yoann Gromb and Xavier Lacaille was already at the heart of the previous Amazon Presents. A year ago, the actress came to present this comedy, which follows a thirty-something woman who does nothing.

Without an apartment, without a job, without a guy, but with severe myopia, Fara must learn to stop being a miskina. When your grandmother, your mother and your sister are on your ribs H24, it’s time to wake up and make choices.

Alongside Melha Bedia, we will find Shirine Boutella, Hakim Jemili and Victor Belmondo. Xavier Lacaille will also be there.

Killer Coaster – in 2023

After Derby Girl, Nikola Lange tackles a new genre: that of the slasher. Halfway between comedy and horror film, Killer Coaster will plunge us into the heart of the summer of 1998, as the Blues race towards victory and the first star. The story will follow a periwinkle who dreams of becoming a secret agent.

After a series of murders in a carnival, she decides to infiltrate the world of carnies to shed light on this affair. Filming is due to kick off in September, and the broadcast is expected to take place in 2023.

Ourika – 2023

Amazon Prime Video is going to do in the urban western. With Ourika, the platform explores the 2005 riots alongside two characters. A story of the crossed destinies of a drug dealer and a younger generation cop.

Reality show

Cosmic Love – 2022

Is love written in the stars? That’s the question Amazon Prime Video’s new reality show Cosmic Love will explore. Presented by Nabilla Vergara, this social experiment based on astrology which will determine if our romantic destiny is influenced by the planets. Four singles, each representing one of the four fundamental elements of the zodiac: Fire, Air, Water and Earth will try an extraordinary experience.

LOL: who laughs, comes out (season 3)
Celebrity Hunted: Manhunt (Season 2)


Hawaii – in 2022

Amazon Original presents its new French production: Hawa. This initiatory tale, imagined by the director of Mignonnes, features incredible talents, starting with singer and songwriter Oumou Sangaré and Grammy Award winner Yseult.

Hawa tells the story of a 15-year-old girl who lives alone with her grandmother. While this one is very ill, she invents a plan to be adopted by a personality she admires more than anything and who is passing through Paris.

Medellin – in 2023

After Taxi 5 and Validé, Franck Gastambide returns to his first love. The director will mix action and comedy in his next film Medellín. In the footsteps of drug baron Pablo Escobar, a young YouTuber fascinated by this universe goes to the Colombian city. A few days later, it is through a video posted on his social networks that the world discovers that Pablito is in the hands of dangerous narcos, who demand a huge ransom to free him.

Soon filming in Colombia, Medellín will be launched exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in 2023. This is the biggest budget ever allocated by the firm to a French production.

Classico – in 2023

Ahmed Sylla will tackle an old resentment with a new comedy centered on the quarrel between PSG and Olympique de Marseille.


Amazon also announced a series of French acquisitions. In 2022, we should thus find an exclusive documentary on Yannick Noah before the launch of Rolland-Garros. Guy Roux, icon of French football will also be the subject of a documentary by the end of 2022. Finally, Amazon has offered Darknet-sur-Mer and the drama series Cœurs Noirs. On the film side, it will be possible to see in 2023 BDE, the new film by Michaël Youn.

Amazon also announces the upcoming arrival of Salto at the heart of its pay channels. From next May, Prime subscribers will be able to subscribe directly to the offer from the site’s home page, like Starz or OCS.

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Amazon Presents: a reality show on astrology and a series with Jean Dujardin

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