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(Alexandre D’Astous)- Astrologer Alexandre Aubry makes his predictions for 2023 in his new book simply titled Horoscope 2023.

This is the 20th book of its kind for someone who learned his trade with his mother, the famous astrologer Monique Aubry. “I have always been fascinated by astrology. In the early 2000s. By a happy coincidence, while reading a book, the author made a statement about astrology that I find completely false and enlightenment came. I knew I had to do astrology. I called my mother who told me it was time,” says the astrologer.

In 2002, Alexandre Aubry took an intensive course in astrology with his mother. “I started by writing horoscopes with her before making my way independently in various radio stations, including Rythme FM in Montreal for seven years and V Télé from 2012 to 2015 on morning shows. Today, it is more social networks that are the voice for astrologers”.

A map of the sky

Alexandre Aubry explains that for all types of predictions, daily, weekly or annual, they always go through the creation of a sky map. “To make my predictions for the year 2023, I use my chart of the 12 signs of the zodiac, which is a circle, and I draw the movement of the main planets, in particular Jupiter and Saturn which move relatively slowly. Jupiter takes a year to cover a sign. It is very representative to set the mood for the year,” he explains.

For monthly predictions, we will pay attention to Mars, Venus and Mercury which move faster. So they have more specific things to say for the month.

Thanks to this book, you will know what the year has in store for you in terms of your relationships, your health, your loves, your work and your income according to your sign and your ascendant.

Each sign will have its chance

In 2023, each sign will have its chance. “This will be a year where the word action will take an important place. The gap between the rich and the poor will occupy a large place, particularly in the second half of the year when Jupiter will reach Taurus. The two most pampered signs normally would be Aries and Taurus. As Aries are fire signs, Leos and Sagittarius will also be in a favorable position, as will the other two earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn,” says Mr. Aubry.

Predictions in detail

Aries will live a year of abundance; Taurus will have a date with action; Gemini will revitalize themselves through creativity and empathy; • Cancer will have great friendly encounters; Leo will continue its cycle of accomplishments; the Virgin will go from discovery to discovery; Libra will exercise its muscle of adaptation; Scorpio will benefit from a year of love and harmony; Sagittarius will practice the adage that work is health!; Capricorn will reach the top step of the podium; Aquarius will put family and home at the heart of their life and, thanks to their curiosity, Pisces will regain a part of their youth.

Alexandre Aubry fell into astrology from birth. Having taken up the torch from his mother, he offers his talents as an astrologer to the media and in private consultation. He is already writing his predictions for 2024.

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Alexandre Aubry makes his predictions for 2023 – Le Journal L’Horizon

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