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It’s not just the planets and constellations that know you by heart: your favorite apps too. As we know the astro sign that has the most success on Bumble, we know exactly which dish has your favor on Uber Eats. For the second year in a row, the app revealed which dish was ordered the most by each star sign. The opportunity to see if you are a Capricorn spit it out or if deep down (in your stomach), you’re more like a Gemini than anything else. And since you are worth it, we also give you food advice from Uber Eats in the form of astro-gastronomic forecasts for the coming year. You’re welcome.

Aries: a burrata with pesto

Fat, fat with a little more fat. Simple, basic, fast: the Ram goes straight to the point. She doesn’t have time for pokeballs, Aries swears only by survival: it’s better to fill her reserves for the winter. And to expend their superhuman energy.

What to eat in 2023? An osso bucco with the family, a poke bowl at work, truffle pasta for comfort.

Bull: a salmon avocado chirashi

If the oxen of the zodiac are a little rough sometimes (big hooves oblige), for food, they are like “Karadoc” in “Kaamelott”: big names. So much so that Taurus are real purists. Give them good products, raw, without artifice, they will be delighted.

What to eat in 2023? Beef skewers with the family (beef: of course), gyozas at work and chocolate for comfort.

Gemini: a chicken and olive tagine

Multiple flavors that form a taste symphony without ever completely blending with each other for maximum pleasure? The tajine is obvious for Gemini, who can’t stand being bored. Even at the table, they want to have fun!

What to eat in 2023? A chicken mafé with the family, a raw chicken club sandwich at work, ramen for comfort.

Cancer: nuggets with sweet potato fries

You can not make that up. As soon as they feel slack, the ultra nostalgic Cancer pour into the most regressive comfort food possible. They wouldn’t touch their plate until there was a guy drawn with ketchup in it.

What to eat in 2023? An extra pancake brunch with the family, a wrap at work and a poutine for comfort.

Lion: pancakes with dulce de leche

Are we surprised by the cute sin of Leos? No. The pancake is the Leo dessert par excellence: round and golden, it looks like the sun, the favorite star of the sign of Fire, born in the middle of summer. Like crêpes, Lions are fun, generous and festive.

What to eat in 2023? Family empanadas, a fancy pokeball at work, and a burger and fries for comfort.

Virgin: a spinach salmon quiche

“Obviously” would probably sing France Gall facing the favorite dish of Virgin. These scholars in all fields are passionate about nutrition, organics and botany. Naturally, they pinch for an easy, practical and healthy dish.

What to eat in 2023? A roast chicken at home, a vegetarian wrap at work and a croque-monsieur for comfort.

Balance: a Greek salad

They swear by harmony, the possible instagrammable presentation and the balanced seasoning in essence. Of course Libras love Greek salad more than anything. It’s measured, healthy and pretty: everything they like.

What to eat in 2023? Lebanese mezes with the family, a quinoa salad with feta at work and a spreadable pizza for comfort.

Scorpion: a pad thai

A dish just the right amount of spice for the most subtly spicy astro signs? It was written in the stars. The Scorpio loves the attention to detail almost as much as the Virgo: he is never more satisfied than by a dish composed of multiple ingredients.

What to eat in 2023? An imperial chicken with the family, a salmon bagel at work and a paella for comfort.

Sagittarius: a chicken burger

We will not pretend to be surprised. Fire sign almost as fit as Aries, our enthusiast Sagittarius needs energy and efficiency. The burger is the ideal choice for this ace of speed and a meal on the go between two destinations.

What to eat in 2023? A chicken madras with the family, a pizza at work and a mac and cheese for comfort.

Capricorn: a khao phat

Strictness and substance, sophistication and simplicity: Capricorns want it all. Quality and quantity, the simple and the complicated. They are like that, the Capricorns, they want the best while advocating speed and productivity.

What to eat in 2023? A family brunch, a pasta salad at work and sushi for comfort.

Aquarius: a tandoori chicken

They love nothing so much as traveling while eating, the airy Aquarius go crazy for this not-so-classic classic. Aquarius bonus: we bet that with each bite, they think about how to make another dish or a vegetarian version.

What to eat in 2023? A dahl of lentils with the family, a falafel sandwich at work and a starter main course dessert menu for comfort.

Fish: keftedes

According to Uber Eats, the wateriest of signs has a serious crush on Mediterranean cuisine: normal. His preference? Greek cuisine and especially keftedes. Probably by listening to Julien Clerc.

What to eat in 2023? A beef bourguignon with the family, a niçoise salad at work and a slice of cheesecake for comfort.

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A survey reveals what is your favorite dish according to your astrological sign – Elle

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