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Are the culinary choices a reflection of our personality… and therefore our astrological sign? For the second year, the Uber Eats app has delved into our food preferences and here’s what the stars are revealing…

Poke Bowl? Sushi? Burgers? What if what we had on our plate was dictated by the stars? It is the observation that the application Uber Eats revealed in its Astro Food 2023. For the second year, 1,500 customers were interviewed to find out their eating habits and preferences not without a touch of humor. the culinary profile of each of the zodiac signs is thus unveiled… We shed light for you on what you should or should not concoct for your other half according to their astrological sign. Be careful, faults of taste and taste disagreements in sight!

What dishes to prepare for Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, the signs of fire?

Aries… love everything that is eaten on the go. Go-getter, he lets himself be guided by his instinct which often leads him to order his favorite gastronomy: Italian food. The burrata with pesto or truffle pasta and the osso bucco are his favorite and comforting dishes. Sushis and poke bowls are reserved for lunches at the office or to share.

Lion… particularly appreciates the heat of summer days and will gladly opt for specialties from Argentina like the empanadas. On the sweet side, he never refuses a pancake generously garnished with dulce de leche. The classic burger fries however, is never far away when it comes to cheering him up.

Sagittarius… is known for his good living side and does not hesitate to order a burger in summer and winter. inveterate fan of the way of life American style, the milkshake is his weekly guilty pleasure. Despite his cooking skills, he keeps his head in the air and prefers to bet on the safety of a mac and cheese super comforting.

What do Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, water signs prefer?

The cancer… has the meaning of share and some friendliness. With family or friends, he always answers the call of the american gastronomy. chicken nuggets accompanied by a generous portion of Sweet Potato Fries, you have his favorite dish there. The Sunday brunch is accompanied by ultra-moist and generous pancakes.

The Scorpion… is intense and determined, he aspires to find the perfect combinations which will revive his taste buds. Asian cuisine is dear to his heart, but it is more precisely the thai food which melts it. Curry, imperial chicken or pad thai you have to know how to play with tastes and colors to try to seduce him!

Fish… has a weakness for greek cuisine. From tzatziki to the Moussaka through juicy koftas, he refuses nothing when it comes to having fun! For family meals, this enthusiast of traditional French gastronomy will appreciate good beef bourguignon surrounded by his loved ones.

What do Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, earth signs love?

The bull… is greedy and finds in the Japanese cuisine a great comfort. Exit the simple miso soup, what makes it vibrate are the sushithem beef skewers and the gyoza delicately grilled on the outside and melting on the inside. the avocado salmon chirashi remains a safe bet in terms of pleasing him.

The Virgin… is very attentive to the details of her life and her diet and never leaves anything to chance. The dishes of French cuisine provide it with a balance like the sunday roast chickenthe croque-monsieur on the go at noon or even a spinach salmon quiche comforting on a weeknight. You will have understood that for Virgo it is better to play it traditional!

Capricorn … is open to everything but demanding in terms of quality. He is willingly seduced by the asian cuisine in what is widest. Ramen after a strenuous day, poke bowl for a date, khao phat on all occasions and sushi for TV nights… he likes to celebrate his victories with a culinary delight.

What is the cute sin of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, air signs?

The Gemini… is the bon vivant par excellence. His choices in terms of cuisine often come from all over the world. On each occasion, the solution: bubble tea to the moroccan pastilla passing through udons or one mafe chicken… the whole thing is to surprise him! Note that he particularly appreciates chef’s recipes

The balance… is greedy in the soul even if the balance remains its master of order! She likes to indulge herself by savoring dishes with Mediterranean notes. It is Italy that seduces her the most and especially the essential Arancini which will easily serve as a dish. Mezzes Lebanese or a feta salad… bring in the solar star!

Aquarius… is curious and independent, his heart goes out to spicy cuisine with bewitching flavors. Indian dishes the tandoori chicken where the dahl of lentils will thus find favor in his eyes. On the sweet side, his intrepid and uncompromising nature takes over and will make him crack for a delicious brookie. Between brownies and cookies why choose ?

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A study reveals which dishes to cook to seduce your partner … according to his astrological sign – X Gossip

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