A future mother wants to give an astrological sign that will not be hers as a first name to their baby, the father refuses

A couple will become parents for the first time next month. Dad talks about Reddit that he and his wife have been talking about the first name of their future child, a little girl, for a while but that they have not yet made a decision, that they have simply done each on their own made a top 5. Lately, the mother-to-be came to see her spouse saying she had the perfect first name… Except that he didn’t agree at all!

She wants an astrological sign as a first name

“She wants to call our daughter Aquarius [le nom du Verseau en anglais, ndlr]. Which is… Weird… I looked and if our daughter is born on time she’ll be Taurus, and if she’s born a little late, she’ll be Gemini. On top of that, zodiac names aren’t really my thing, but also naming our daughter after a sign that isn’t hers??”, writes this dad. When he asked his wife why she chose that name, she explained that it was “to honor his mother, who is alive and well and eagerly awaits [leur] daughter”whose the astrological sign is Aquarius.

“I was so confused. I declined. It’s one thing to give our daughter a middle name in honor of my mother-in-law, but Aquarius is far-fetched. For the record, she turned down some of my name suggestions directly because she had her reasons, which I respected. I was kind but firm and basically said, ‘I understand that you want to honor your mother and we can but do it, but Aquarius is a crazy name and I really don’t want to call our daughter that””he recalls.

His wife then began to cry and did not speak to him for several days. Even worse, his mother-in-law called him for “to make things clear” and, when he asked what she meant by that, the mum-to-be told him about their fight but from an angle that sounded like he had a grudge against his mother. “Now they’re both mad at me and acting like there’s a problem between me and her mum. I’m completely confused. Am I wrong in refusing to name our daughter Aquarius?”asks this future father.

Parents must agree on the first name

For many Reddit users, the fact that the first name doesn’t match the astrological sign of the unborn child isn’t really the issue. What is especially important is that the father and the mother both like the first name: “Parents have to agree on the first name. Not wanting to use a particular first name doesn’t mean you hate the person it’s supposed to honor. I don’t know your mother-in-law’s first name but I am sure there are other ways to honor him than by calling the child Aquarius I agree with you that it is an unusual name and the child is likely to be harassed”, responds a user. And many people point out that “Aquarius” is also the title of a song by The 5th Dimension and featured in the musical. Hatewhich makes everyone sing to him.

Another adds: “The name should reflect what you both want for her.” A third person offers to compromise by using it as a middle name: “You both have to like the first name 100%. If one of you doesn’t, turn it down. Use it as a middle name.”

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A future mother wants to give an astrological sign that will not be hers as a first name to their baby, the father refuses

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