30 years old, 40 years old, 50 years old, 60 years old… Here are the key moments of your life, according to astrology

Life is a journey that we are all meant to walk. Each stage has its joys and difficulties. From the inexhaustible energy of youth to the wisdom that one acquires with age, all stages deserve to be fully experienced. Here we tell you how astrology influences every moment of your life so that you can get the most out of this adventure.

Astro: at each stage of life, its own challenges…

Planets moving through the sky affect our lives in different ways. Each of them adds or subtracts elements from our chart depending on the period of life we ​​are going through. As they move from cyclically, we can deduce that our life evolves and is impacted by the rhythm of these celestial bodies. The planets that most influence the cycles of human life are SaturnJupiter and Uranus. Saturn is the master of time and its seven-year cycle marks decisive moments in our lives and our development. Uranus helps us to free ourselves and Jupiter to accomplish our goals.

28 and 30s, time to prove our maturity

Once past the milestone of 21, the age of legal majority, the next step according to astrology is a period called “return of Saturn”. This happens around the age of 28. This is a critical moment, as we have to prove to the world and to society that we are capable of fending for ourselves. At this age, most people are no longer dependent on their parents. In this period, Saturn imposes on us a necessary maturity to live our adult life without hindrances. This energy should be used to move forward, without becoming overly demanding of oneself or stiffening in the quest to be one’s own support.

The midlife crisis and its challenges

At this stage of life, we find several planets in opposition to their position in our birth chart, which creates a strong inner tension within us. We may begin to think that the best years of our lives are already behind us and that our fondest dreams will have to adjust to reality. We can notice that in a longing for a lot of freedom, crisis and rupture, there is a creative impulse that emerges from deep within us. In this period that begins in the 42 years, it’s time to get rid of what prevents us from being ourselves. Uranus calls for some release from our self-imposed limitations.

Fifty years, a period of liberation and acceptance

In this decade, we have already come a long way. We are experienced and we have a clear vision of our work and personal life. Our growth now is less material and social, and more inward. We stop racing to be better in the world and want to be better for ourselves. At age 56, comes Saturn’s second return. This is no longer based on being mature enough to be functional to the system and society and proving it, but on creating a commitment to yourself and respecting it to be happier. .

Sixties, retirement and new freedom

From this stage, a new type of life is available to us. We are reaping what we have sown over the past decades. This is the time when you stop working and retire. The efforts of our work will allow us to live without having to go to work, which gives us more time for ourselves. On the other hand, children are already responsible adults, often going through the first Saturn Return themselves. This context allows us to feel freed from certain obligations and to explore aspects of our personality based on the wisdom accumulated over the years.

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From the age of 70, rediscover and love yourself more!

From the age of 70, many people experience this phase of life with sadness and resignation. The fact that they no longer feel useful to society makes them feel invisible. Uranus enters a decompression phase and shows us a new path. The key at this age is to take the opportunity to do all the things we couldn’t do before, when our lives were constrained by fulfilling our social roles. It’s a new period of release, in which we can afford to explore our identities in a new light and with fewer demands. Isn’t it nice?

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30 years old, 40 years old, 50 years old, 60 years old… Here are the key moments of your life, according to astrology

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