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Published on February 01, 2023 at 4:16 p.m.

Who says astrological signs, also says avalanche of cosmic prejudices. Here are the 3 star signs that everyone secretly hates. And above all, what it says about us.

If you’re here for some good old-fashioned Gemini bashing or regular Scorpio shaming, you’ve come to the wrong door. It is common knowledge that Gemini and Scorpio have a bad reputation, no need to push them too far. Because where there are signs of the zodiac, he often has a feeling of belonging to an astral team and inevitably: competitive spirit. Needless to deny it, there are certain astrological signs that do not (really) come back to you. We bet they’re on our little secret list and we’ll tell you why they annoy you so much.

The Lions and their extraordinary melon

In public, you taunt them nicely, but in private, they beat you seriously on the system? It’s normal, they often have this effect. You find them full of themselves, egocentric or downright selfish, addicted to attention, noisy, childish… The list of what you don’t like about the Lion is as long as the reasons you could have for loving him: in love with him and with others, Leo radiates, shines, knows how to assert himself and make himself heard. Leo is the astrological sign that corresponds to the Sun: the largest, the hottest, the brightest of all the stars in our solar system. Without it, nothing exists and nothing goes right.

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Are you beginning to understand a little better the origin of the qualities and defects of this astrological sign? Then you may be ready to understand why this incredible confidence in them bothers you so much. Leo is the sign of self-love par excellence. He knows his worth, does not hesitate to express himself, is not ashamed of his emotions. Yes, finding yourself great in our society is often confused with boasting. Great self-confidence isn’t always well seen either, especially when it comes from a woman. No, Leos don’t have swollen ankles: they love each other more than anyone else, and they’re right. You should try.

Aquarians, these lesson givers

Are they and their political commitments exhausting you? Do you find them too militant, too protesting? It is true that the Aquarius never really left the “automatic contradiction” stage of childhood. They have a serious problem with the concept of authority, whatever it is, and categorically refuse to do like everyone else. Stand out, be the weirdo of the gang: that, they know how to do. They tell you daily about your consumption habits, send you studies on climate change and silently judge you the rest of the time, you’re sure. You are not generally wrong, but truth be told, someone has to do it.

Where the Capricorn remind us about our responsibilities and where the Scorpio opens our eyes to all that is wrong, the sign of Aquarius has the difficult task of engaging the necessary changes. His appointed planet, Uranus, is literally the star of changes, revolutions and the future. It is human to want to keep our habits and close our eyes to the subjects that bother us. The role of Aquarius is to remind us that it is just as human to want to break dysfunctional cycles, change your point of view and see beyond the end of your nose. Even if these constant questionings are uncomfortable. Thank you who? Thank you Aquarians.

Pisces and their sense of selflessness

There’s a little something about Pisces that gets on your nerves, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Yet they are said to be among the nicest zodiac signs. That’s it, it’s the nice word, which strikes you? Yes, Pisces too “too” nice. They apologize 6 times per sentence, let themselves be trodden on without protest (and of course apologizing), turn the other cheek and moreover, would like to give you their shirt? We understand that is too much. Especially if you are Capricorn or Scorpio. Pisces’ favorite hobbies are “feeling the vibes”, getting lost on purpose, imagining the lives of people in cafes, and burning incense in public places to purify hearts.

But what probably annoys you the most in this attitude of a good Samaritan with a hint of hippie is their supernatural ability to forgive. As long as you are one of the most resentful zodiac signs of the zodiac, you find this mania for systematically and sincerely granting forgiveness to the best stupid, to the worst suspect. This time it’s not their star, Neptune, that explains everything but their place in the zodiac. Pisces arrives last, closing the loop and reopening it at the same time for Aries. Wisdom, mysticism, abnegation and patience are assets that send us back to our own faults. And if we did like the Pisces, by relativizing?

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3 Zodiac Signs Everyone Secretly Hates – Elle

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