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Criminal Minds’ Alex Blake was a fan-favorite character, but Jeanne Tripplehorn only stayed for two seasons. Why did she leave the CBS series so early?

The popular drama series Criminal Minds debuted in 2005 and ended in 2020 after 15 action-packed seasons. The main reason for the show’s success was the chemistry between the cast members, and some didn’t last overall for various reasons. One of them was Jeanne Tripplehorn, who played the role of Alex Blake from season 8.

Criminal minds: the reasons why Jeanne Tripplehorn left her role in the series.

Season 8 saw Blake added to the cast following the departure of Emily Prentiss. The character was also another strong female agent, and formed a bond with Dr. Spencer Reid (played by fan favorite Matthew Gray Gubler). However, the Season 9 finale also marked the end of Blake’s tenure at the BAU and Tripplehorn’s run in Criminal Minds.

Why did Jeanne Tripplehorn leave Criminal Minds?

Jeanne Tripplehorn left Criminal Minds in a non-dramatic way, which suited her still level-headed character. Her contract with the show was over and after two seasons she was ready to leave Alex Blake behind. Executive producer Erica Messer told TV Guide that she and the actress met to decide what they wanted to do with Blake and decided that a “big flashy exit episode” just wasn’t. in the cards for a character who “came big and went big”.

Criminal Minds: The character of Jeanne Tripplehorn remains one of those most remembered by fans.

Blake’s exit was subtle but heartbreaking. Fans finally learned why she was so tight-lipped about her private life in the two-part Season 9 finale, titled “Angels” and “Demons.” Reid got shot and when Blake moved to help her, she called him Ethan. After the case ended, Blake told Rossi about Ethan, his nine-year-old son who had died of an unknown neurological condition. The trauma of reliving her son’s death and nearly losing Reid proved too much for Blake, who quietly left Reid his badge. The first episode of season 10, widely considered one of the show’s weakest, revealed that she had returned to teaching in Boston (hitting a possible reunion with her husband James, who had previously held a position at the Harvard University).

As for Mrs. Tripplehorn, she played the role of Sylvia Chamberlain in the drama series The Gilded Age, which aired on HBO, and will also appear in the series The Terminal List, which airs on Prime Video. But her character in Criminal Minds will be fondly remembered, so perhaps she’ll make a special appearance in the upcoming revival project (which has already confirmed several original cast members).

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Why did Jeanne Tripplehorn leave Criminal Minds? – MLActu

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